Jane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin

Jane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin

My name is Jane and I am the creator behind Mesmeresin.



I make everything from keychain pendants and home decor ornamental pieces to memorial tributes using cremation ashes and keepsakes such as flowers, photos and loved items for both humans and furbabies. I will soon be branching out into furniture which is a bit daunting but also really exciting!! What I absolutely LOVE creating though are Skulls and Pyramids! 

I have built up quite a vast array of Skullys (as I call them) and they all have their own unique personalities. 



I got into resin creation through my eldest daughter; she got a resin kit for Christmas a few years ago and needed my help with it. I was hooked! I used up all of the resin in her kit (with her permission!) and then had to hunt out some more when it had gone.  After a bit of research I decided to give Craft Resin a try and I have honestly never looked back. I did try another well-known (& raved about) brand just to compare but Craft Resin beat it hands-down on just about everything I look for in a resin! 



I've had sooo many "learning opportunities" (much nicer than saying "balls-out f-ups!") with my creations but with each one I've been able to apply that lesson to the next attempt and have nailed it so my advice to anyone would be to never give up and never get disheartened when creating. Resin has a mind of its own at times! And sometimes the "learning opportunities" give better results than what you were originally intending to achieve!



Also, don't compare yourselves to others!!! There are so many resin creators that it is simply by the law of averages that everyone will create the same things at some point - dominos, chessboards, trinket trays, they've all been done - and it is so easy to look at what other people have created and think "that's better than mine". DO NOT DO THIS!! No one else can create what you do - whether by intention or by "learning opportunities"! - and you need to learn to be proud of what you do, however you do it, because without you that piece in front of you would not exist and the world would be a little duller with one less creative soul ;-)



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