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It's finally Spring! The days are lengthening, the temperature is rising, and if you look closely, you can see the little green shoots of bulb sprouts emerging from the grass 🌸


When Spring approaches, you may revamp your resin works and create amazing new creations.



While you peruse the blog, you may learn more about the project and see more of the artists' work by clicking on the images. You may build your version of the artwork shown in this blog if you're artistic and have experience working with resin, or you can get in touch with the artist to buy some.


If you decide to purchase, you may save 10% on Craft Resin products using the referral link or code provided by some listed artists.


First, we have a floral treat for you in the form of a Resin Tray and Heart set by Beth of @creativetouchesbybeth. I would suggest Beth's Instagram to anybody looking for ideas for clear epoxy for craft resin flower arrangements.



Next, Alex of resin firm @alexthealchemyst has created a gorgeous resin tray with floral motifs fitting for the season—Alex's beautiful floral centerpiece, as shown in the photos below. Furthermore, the project's gold tray base adds a touch of luxury that we find quite appealing.



Dried flowers are convenient with resin since you may switch them out to match the season. Chrissy of the resin firm @standtogethereu has created a stunning trinket pot. The use of such bright flowers by Chrissy is perfect for springtime, and we appreciate the touch of grandeur provided by the gold flakes:


Stunning Springtime decorations may be made with only a few drops of resin. Ashley (of resin firm @craftelotresinco) makes some gorgeous Petal Earrings like the ones shown here. Wearing a pair of colorful Petal Earrings is a way to get people in the mood for Spring. If you need more inspiration, check out Ashley's Instagram to see some stunning petal resin creations she's made.



Flowers have always been a source of creativity for artists, inspiring anything from pressed bouquets to intricate colored pencil drawings. While creating with resin, flowers aren't your only option for floral effects; think outside the vase. Sandhya of resin firm @mosaix_by_sandhya designed the following beautiful flower coasters by Sandhya. These coasters' bright lime green hue makes them the ideal Spring accessory.



As the weather warms up, people worldwide start coming out of their winter hibernation and returning to the social swing. This gorgeous Resin Wine Butler is perfect for those throwing outdoor parties this Spring, and it's just the type of practical Resin product that will sell well when introduced in the warmer months. Sarah, the proprietor of the resin company  @art_of_resin, made this fantastic work of art:



Beautiful things are associated with springtimes, such as animals and flowers. When the weather warms up, you may expect to see a proliferation of butterflies. How about making a resin craft to welcome Spring? These shimmering butterflies are a beautiful addition to any resin keychain collection. Victoria, who runs the resin firm @vrlcraftworks, made these incredible creations:



Bright, sunny colors are an easy way to give any resin project a feel of Spring. Artist Emeric's resin chopping board for the @resinwoodfr firm features lovely green and blue tones that make us desire Spring.



I hope this week's post has inspired you to unleash your inner artist and bring some cheer to the world this Spring. A blog full of Easter-themed encouragement will be coming your way soon.


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