🌼 Springtime Resin Inspiration 🌼

🌼 Springtime Resin Inspiration 🌼

You might have noticed the evenings and mornings getting lighter, the temperature is starting to feel less fresh and in grassy areas bulbs are starting to sprout through the grass and soon there will be Spring flowers all around 🌸


With the Spring fast approaching it might be time to switch up your resin creations and create some fresh, fabulous new projects - In this weeks blog you'll receive lots of Spring Resin-Spiration!



As you move through the blog click on the images to see the project in more detail, or more of the artists work. If you like creating then why not create your own resin project similar to what you see in this blog, or if you'd like to enquire about buying any straight from the artist themselves then reach out to them on their social media.


Many of the artists featured have their own referral link/code too, which means that if you'd like to purchase Craft Resin products they can also give you a 10% discount to use.


First up we're getting floral with you all in this beautiful Resin Tray and Heart set by Beth, who owns the brand @creativetouchesbybeth. Definitely head to Beths feed if flowers and resin is your thing, because it is full of the most beautiful flower creations that will leave you blooming with inspiration:



Next up and keeping with the Spring vibes with florals, check out this beautiful Resin Tray by Alex, from the resin brand @alexthealchemyst. The images below show the layers that Alex has used to build the beautiful floral arrangement up with. We love the luxurious feel that the gold tray base gives to the project too:



Using dried flowers in your resin creations can be perfect for any season, you can simply switch your flowers up to match the season you're in, giving your projects an all round seasonal look to them. We love this beautiful Trinket Pot that Chrissy, form the resin brand @standtogetheruk has created. The bright flowers Chrissy has used are perfect for Spring, and again we love the luxurious feel that's given by the gold flakes:



Sometimes all you need is the smallest amount of resin to make the most beautiful Spring creations. Below are a selection of fabulous Petal Earrings that Ashley, from the resin brand @craftelotresinco has created. What could be more Spring vibes than yourself or your customers walking around wearing stunning Petal Earrings in bright, beautiful colours. If you'd like to gain more inspiration for petal resin creations then definitely check our Ashley's feed as it is full of these delicate pieces:



From dried flowers to beautiful floral patterns created with colouring techniques. Resin is such a creative endeavour, when making your projects think outside the box, floral effects don't have to only come from adding flowers to your creations. These beautiful flower resin coasters below were created by Sandhya, from the resin brand @mosaix_by_sandhya. We love the bright lime green that's been used in these coasters, total Spring vibes:



Spring is the time of year when us humans tend to get more social again and come out of our Winter hiding. When creating Resin items for Spring think of practical items that people can and would love to use in the Springtime, like this fabulous Resin Wine Butler, perfect for those hosting Spring garden parties. This fabulous creation was made by Sarah, who owns the resin brand @art_of_resin:


Der Frühling ist die Jahreszeit, in der wir Menschen dazu neigen, wieder sozialer zu werden und aus unserem Winterversteck herauszukommen. Denken Sie beim Erstellen von Harzartikeln für den Frühling an praktische Gegenstände, die die Menschen im Frühling verwenden können und gerne verwenden würden, wie diesen fabelhaften Weinbutler aus Harz, der sich perfekt für diejenigen eignet, die Frühlings garten partys veranstalten. Diese fabelhafte Kreation wurde von Sarah gemacht, die die Harzmarke @art_of_resin besitzt:



From flowers to beautiful Spring animals they attract. With the new season coming we'll soon be seeing lots of butterflies flying around. What better project to create for a Spring themed resin creation. These beautiful glittery butterflies make the perfect resin keychains. These fabulous creations were made by Victoria, from the resin brand @vrlcraftworks:



A super simple way to add a touch of Spring vibes to any resin project is to use colours that are bright, that make you feel like the sun is shining when you look at them - This brilliant, vivid chopping board by Emeric, from the resin brand @resinwoodfr, gives us all the Spring feels with the artists use of the beautiful green and blue vivid colours:


Un moyen très simple d'ajouter une touche d'ambiance printanière à n'importe quel projet de résine est d'utiliser des couleurs vives, qui vous donnent l'impression que le soleil brille quand vous les regardez - Cette planche à découper brillante et vive d'Emeric, à partir de la résine marque @resinwoodfr, nous donne toutes les sensations printanières avec l'utilisation par les artistes des belles couleurs vives vertes et bleues:



We hope this weeks blog has inspired you to create and spread some Spring vibes this year. More inspiration will be coming your way soon with an Easter Inspiration blog so keep your eyes peeled for that.


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