Emily Adie, Resin Artist - @ResinByEmilyGB

Emily Adie, Resin Artist - @ResinByEmilyGB

My name is Emily and I created ResinByEmilyGB in 2020 at the beginning of the initial worldwide COVID19 lockdown. Now, my brand has emerged as an established business with almost a quarter of a mil...

ArtistsSadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd

Sadie Bird, Resin Artist - @resinisbeautyltd

Hi Guys, my name is Sadie, I am a resin artist and I have been working with resin now for 18 months. My resin brand is called Resin Is Beauty.     I was inspired to have a go creating resin proje...

ArtistsJane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin

Jane Britton, Resin Artist - @mesmeresin

My name is Jane and I am the creator behind Mesmeresin.     I make everything from keychain pendants and home decor ornamental pieces to memorial tributes using cremation ashes and keepsakes ...

ArtistsPamela Duffy, Resin Artist - @amitola_workshop

Pamela Duffy, Resin Artist - @amitola_workshop

Hi, my name is Pamela Duffy from Liverpool and I own Amitola Workshop. The name of my business came from fabulous memories of my late parents. The name Amitola is primarily a female name of Native ...


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ArtistsDanielle Cormack, Resin Artist - @krakenslair

Danielle Cormack, Resin Artist - @krakenslair

Hey, I’m Danni from Edinburgh, Scotland and I own Krakens Lair. If you didn’t guess by the name, my style leans more to the alternative/goth side of life.     I actually have quite a varied creati...

ArtistsSophia Picknell, Resin Artist - @SAJCreationUK

Sophia Picknell, Resin Artist - @SAJCreationUK

Hi, My name is Sophia - from SAJCreationUK.   I’m a mum of 3 girls whos names make up the SAJ part of my business name. I am also a wife to be to the most amazing guy in the world. I am a worki...