How To Achieve Bubble Free Epoxy Resin Projects?

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We placed "Bubble Free*" on the box of Craft Resin to let you know that you may use it to make epoxy resin masterpieces without worrying about bubbles. Nonetheless, there are means by which this can be accomplished.


Don't give up on your epoxy resin ambitions if you run into problems with bubbles; buy crystal clear epoxy resin kit and just follow the tips below to prevent bubbles from forming or eliminate those that have already developed.



The first step in fixing a problem is figuring out what caused it, so doing some digging into where the symptoms came from is essential.


It is possible to prevent bubbles in epoxy resin by avoiding these four frequent pitfalls:


  • The temperature of resin mixes should be maintained low.
  • Misallocating the resin during the pouring process.
  • Rushing when blending resin and hardener.
  • Your project finally lets out all the air it has been sucking in.


Let's investigate this more to see if we can find a way to avoid this.



We can begin with low-temperature resin combinations.


A resin mixture that turns milky or cloudy because the temperature is too low indicates that the resin is not heated enough. If you want your resin project to turn out perfectly, you should complete your job in a warm place and use a warm resin and resin hardener.


Resin takes on a milky or hazy appearance due to the formation of many microscopic microbubbles when cold. You should make any required adjustments before starting work, as they cannot be undone once the product has been cured.


Your workspace and epoxy resin and hardener for crafts should be kept at temperatures of 21-24C (70-75F), which is warmer than the typical room temperature. Your resin will be a joy to work with between those ranges, flowing effortlessly and seeming transparent. When the temperature increases, the bubbles will burst right before your eyes.


Resin and hardener bottles can be warmed in a sink of hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes before being used. Keep the lids securely attached, don't fill the bottles with water past the line shown on the Craft Resin label, and dry the bottles well before usage.


The presence of moisture in your resin might have undesirable results. Keep in mind that you don't want to create a new problem in the process of trying to fix the current one.



Second-: If you pour too much resin mixture at once


Whilst it may be used for a broad range of arts and crafts, Craft Resin is best used as a coating resin that you use to coat your artwork.


Air bubbles that form under a thicker product as the resin cures are difficult to eliminate.


If you pour in stages, you can eliminate air bubbles that appear on the surface after each layer and prevent them from being trapped at the bottom.


It's simple to get rid of them with a heat torch. To administer direct heat and pop the bubbles, hold the heat torch above the area you're working on and move it in light, sweeping gestures.


A heat torch might cause rippling if it is held too close to your work, so keep it at a safe distance.


A heat torch is what you need when the heat from a hair dryer isn't focused enough to prevent the resin from moving and the dirt from being blasted into it.


A 1/4 inch or less thin layer will allow you to spread out the bubbles and return to the surface after three to five hours.


Remember that the drying time for your project will grow as you add more layers.


Constantly preventing bubbles from forming in a large amount of resin might prove challenging. If this happens to you, pour the resin slowly and carefully from a lower height, and keep the container close to the mold or artwork.



Third: Working too rapidly when mixing resin and hardener:


You may prevent bubbles from forming in the resin and hardener mixture by working gently instead of pouring at full speed from a height. Again, whisk-like bubbles are whipped up when the mixing container is swirled too fast and unpredictably.


Mix the resin and hardener for at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes if necessary. Remember to scrape the jug's bottom and sides while you mix.


The resin and hardener heat up as you work, initiating an exothermic reaction that cures your creation. The bubbles in your resin will be easier to distribute if you heat the mixture.


The cure might happen instantly if the chemical process is sped up too much. You'll find the optimal point to succeed in any endeavor with enough effort.



Fourth: You're finally able to relax, thanks to your project's success.


To release any trapped air, it is standard practice to employ projects including objects like glitter, flowers, small trinkets, etc. The natural materials may react with the resin, producing gas, or air may become trapped around the pieces.


Knowing how to break down a large job into manageable chunks is a huge time saver. The layering technique allows for the easy removal of any bubbles that may arise.


If you're thinking about using a heat torch to eradicate bubbles near delicate flowers, you can always poke them away with a cocktail stick as the item dries. You must completely dry flowers before using them in a project. click here this free tutorial for using flowers in resin crafts.


Your task may need the use of a heat torch to remove bubbles off the surface. Read our blog on using a heat torch to find out more information about this.


Spraying isopropyl alcohol on the surface can also help do away with bubbles (rubbing alcohol).


The results of these two steps will not spread like the effects of extensive torching.


If you have an interest in learning more about eliminating bubbles in your unique projects with our brand's resin, we invite you to join our thriving Facebook group right now. If you have a question about something and can't find the solution in the group's materials, feel free to ask it here, and one of our experts will respond.


Check out Niccole of the brand @niccnaccsjaw-dropping's creations to get a sense of the outcomes you may expect and how clear your projects may become by implementing the strategies discussed in this blog.



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Team Craft Resin

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