Alexandra, Resin Artist - @Magically_resin

Alexandra, Resin Artist - @Magically_resin

Hi! My name is Alexandra Gosse and my company is Magically Resin. As you read my blog click on the images to see the work I create in more detail:



I started playing with resin to fabricate pieces for costumes and girlie things like hair clips and such. I love to dress up in Renaissance fair garb and steampunk type outfits and resin was a really great tool to make fun pieces cheaply.



My love for resin grew as I experimented with it and found out how incredibly versatile it is if you take advantage of the cure time to shape it. So I spent many many hours watching YouTube videos and making “test pieces” with resin to test things that could be added to it as colorants and texture.



I also have a deep love of paper and am fascinated with how it changes when embedded in resin. As I made more pieces I was astounded at how the resin really does the work for you. With just a little bit of knowledge and a few products you can make something gorgeous.



Many of my experiments turned out so beautiful that people were interested in buying them. I considered this to be due to the “magic” of resin and that was were my company name was born. I had not originally planned to make a business of this but I could feel the joy that I was creating and spreading with my pieces and that was so important to me.



I developed a deep love for myself through this resin journey and I absolutely encourage anyone out there with an interest to try this or something else creative to GO FOR IT! This world we live in offers such beautiful opportunities to try things and see what makes your heart happy. I think that we are so lucky to live in a time where people can share ideas globally so easily. We can also grow as artists collaboratively and I am thrilled to be a part of that.



If I could offer any advice, it would be to not compare your journey to anyone else’s. Your path is yours alone and the greatest gift you have to offer is creating with your own unique voice.



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