Amelia, Resin Artist - @thanordinary

Amelia, Resin Artist - @thanordinary

Hello! Hi! I’m Amelia and I’m the resin artist behind ThanOrdinary!! You can find me on Instagram at @ThanOrdinary. I’m so happy to share my story with you.

As you move through the blog, click on the images I've shared throughout to see more of my work up close on my Instagram feed.



I’m originally from Atlanta/Georgia, USA and made my way to Portland/Oregon a little over a decade ago. When I’m not pouring resin in my garage, I work as a wardrobe stylist for productions including commercials, feature films, episodic television and print/editorial advertising. I studied fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA where I found my love for color, interest and design. I have a 4 year old son, a 2 year old daughter and I’m married to the man of my dreams who is extremely patient with all my resin spills. Whoops! I love spending time with my incredible friends who have shown me waves of support and encouragement, live music and traveling whenever schedule allows.



The start of my resin journey began after seeing a few resin artist’s demold videos. I mean, is there anything more satisfying?! Instantly, I was beyond curious because I had never seen anything like it. Once I entered the black hole of resin by watching videos, discovering the endless items you could make and seeing the different techniques that different artists hold,  I knew I wanted to give it a try.


Where would I start? What tools would I need? What WAS resin even? All the questions I would find out for myself through trial and error. I’m 90% self taught and 10% watching a resin reel and saying “OOoh! I’ll try THAT this time!” My friends and family know me not to shy away from a new project. Truly, a blessing and a curse, always taking on the next “thing.” Something feels elevated about crafting with resin that I haven’t yet found with anything else and that, apart from the immense creative room to stretch, has me hooked at the moment.



With other projects like painting, collaging or finding a craft directed towards my children, as in turning an egg carton into a magic dragon, the process is paced at the crafter’s speed. What fascinated me, maybe the most, with resin is the fact that you can mix resin with the same resin pigment in the same ventilated room in the same molds, twice over, and the outcome may come out completely different. You are in control to some degree, but you have a dwindling time slot, once you mix the resin solutions. The curing of the two solutions starts immediately and you have to be very present to make artistic decisions, that ultimately create something incredible every time. Even typing this, makes me want to go pour some coasters! Ha! It’s thrilling!



I started out with super fun spoons and resin sensory letters. From there, I moved on to beautiful spacey wall pieces and now I’m having a stellar time with wild coaster techniques. From floral coasters to iSpy coasters, I try to make treasures that any one, at any age, can appreciate. There’s nothing like a floral coaster reveal, after waiting 24 hours for it to cure. Everyone gets the rush of surprise- even the artist!



The sky is the limit with what to create and I’m always so impressed with resin artists pushing the “normal.” Sprinkles in spoons? You bet! Transitioning a resin platter into bowl, half way through the curing process? Yes please!


I’ve been creating with resin for about 3 months now. I feel very proud of myself regarding what I’ve been able to accomplish in the short time I’ve been pouring. Firstly,  I’m a mother. Every time I have a chance to pour resin, every moment counts. Its deliberate and special and I’m grateful I have been able to find a balance to my schedule that includes resin.


I’m also grateful for social media, such as Instagram (@thanordinary), because it really was as simple as starting a page and documenting my pours. I intended to use the ThanOrdinary page as a personal visual growth diary. I am self taught so, inevitably, there was a ton of trial and error, but with practice came progress! I’m still documenting my work peppered with fun reels and resin time-lapses, but now it's also where I connect with other artists, showcase my finished pieces and stay connected to my friends!




I have learned so many different facets of resin, in my short three month stretch, and yet I haven’t even scratched the surface of all possibilities this craft has to offer!! It’s wild!! I’ve met so many wonderful people locally and connected to other artists around the world. I recently participated in a Women's Maker Market and HoneyMoon Farm, here in Oregon and I'm hoping to host a coaster course In the near future to friends new and old who are also interested to dabble in the art of resin!



My one piece of advice for anyone starting out with resin would be to GO FOR IT!


There is nothing to lose when you are in a fulfilling headspace. The world is heavy and the resin community is positively supportive and uplifting and there is no wrong way to create. If resin feels too extreme or complicated, any sort of creative outlet is beneficial. Support other artists and share knowledge! Wear proper safety gear (gloves, ventilation gear, etc) and don’t be afraid to be something bolder, better and greater ThanOrdinary!


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