Shannon Kenny-Cooper, artist from the UK

Shannon Kenny-Cooper, artist from the UK

Hey! I’m Shannon, the name behind SBCreations. I found resin art about 6 months ago and instantly fell in love. I was selling handmade box frames at the time and I thought my audience/customers would absolutely love this! I dove deeper into the do’s and don’ts, the how’s and why’s and in February I started making, creating and selling on my work. My business began slowly but as my skills progressed so did my followers and my audience grew larger and larger. I absolutely love doing what I do now. I find resin art is a kind of stress relief for me, and it’s also a way to express myself through my art! I’ve always loved art and I find it amazing that I now do something that people all over the uk love, and I’m slowly expanding to other countries, and I’m lucky enough to call this my job!



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