Kate Chesters, artist from the UK

Kate Chesters, artist from the UK

artist from UK craft resin

My name is Kate Chesters and I work as a craft resin artist in Liverpool! I have been working with resin epoxy for around 3 years now.

‘What is resin art?!’ I hear you ask. 

I work with epoxy resin, which is a 2 part thick liquid that I mix together for a few minutes. I then add different pigments to the clear epoxy resin and pour it onto the material I’m working with. 

I create abstract art on chopping boards, cheese boards, placemats, coasters and wall art works. 

There’s only a set amount of time that I have to work with the resin crystal, with the temperature of the room affecting this. Once I am happy with how the artwork is looking I leave it for a day or two to fully set. 

If I am creating cheese boards or placemats I will then sand away any resin crystal epoxy drips that have formed on the back of the piece, giving a nice smooth finish. 

My olive wood boards are responsibly sourced from Tunisia, where the olive trees are protected by government regulations. Only very old trees that no longer bear fruit can be cut down, and harvested trees must be replaced. This makes olive wood a sustainable and ethical material to work with.

cutting board of craft resin

Hard wearing and practical, with natural antibacterial properties, each artisan board is perfect for cutting and preparing food, and stylish enough to leave out when not in use. Each board has its own unique grain pattern and natural edge, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Just like the fingerprints on our hands, no two trees are identical. Therefore, the grain pattern, colour and shape of each artisan board will vary. Each board is completely unique and individual in beauty.

artist from UK with cutting bord of epoxy

My studio location is a bit unusual - a storage unit! It’s not the most conventional of workspaces, but it works well for me. I quite enjoy working on my own and listening to a podcast or relaxing music.

What Inspires Me? 

My work is definitely inspired by epic landscapes and seascapes. Over the years I’ve visited beautiful and dramatic places, such as Iceland and Niagara Falls. It is my aim to capture the essence and awe-inspiring emotion that a dramatic landscape evokes.

The ocean is a key theme in my work. I love trying to portray frothing ocean waves and shimmering ocean jewel tones in my art of epoxy resin

Colour is a universal language that evokes an emotional response in all of us. Therefore, I am always aware and mindful when creating a piece of its emotional charge. As a result, I spend a lot of time mixing my palette of colours to find the right tones to embody the feeling I am trying to evoke. As I adapt and develop on my journey as an artist, so does my personality of painting colours.

artist from UK British Vogue

Career Highlights So Far…

  • Featured in 3 issues of British Vogue
  • Winning Theo Paphitis’ SBS and Theo sponsoring my stand, worth several thousand pounds, at the Autumn Fair in 2019
  • Working on a collaborative collection with British designer Olivia Rubin
  • Amazon Handmade making a video about my business
  • Notable press/blog features: Liverpool Echo, Independent Liverpool, Daily Mail, My Modern Met, Culture Trip

artist from UK in working a draft

I achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, and a Masters in Art History and Curating from Liverpool Hope University where I studied from 2010-2014.

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