Nads, Resin Artist - @nadsfiasco

Nads, Resin Artist - @nadsfiasco

Hey, my name is Nads and I am the artist behind Nads Fiasco. You can find me on tiktok and Instagram and Etsy @nadsfiasco.





I guess you’re here to hear how my addiction started lol? But no, seriously, I think I’m addicted. So, lets take it back to the beginning. Actually, before we get there, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am from East London, England (I can imagine a crowd cheering lol) and when I’m not hunched up in my little room of creative mess, trialling out new techniques, colour combinations or whatever springs into mind at the time, I am working in retail and feeding into my guilty love of trainers. I come from a creative background and have always been interested in the creative arts and craft. I studied Architecture at Birmingham City University and graduated in 2019. I love music especially going to concerts and so far 2022 has been great!! I also love sports particularly football (NORTH LONDON IS RED!) and I am a through and through Arsenal supporter. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and am a self-proclaimed cool aunty, I’m sure my nephews and niece would agree. Okay so now you know a bit about me, I think we’re ready to hear how I got into resin.





I first discovered resin in college while studying 3D Design. My first time using resin was quite daunting, as my teacher listed A LOT of health and safety precautions (which of course is extremely important). But knowing me I’m always up for a challenge and I still took the chance to use it and created a beautiful mixed media 3D model. I came across resin again in University, but it wasn’t until my 3rd year that I began to explore again. But of course, the overwhelming period of completing my dissertation and digital portfolio meant that I wasnt left with much free time to explore in the way I wanted. Looking back, I feel like I was always going to end up using resin - I mean its persistent; kept trying to be involved in my projects... it was meant to be. Lol. But it wasn’t until covid struck the UK and we all went into lockdown, that I really took the leap to use resin. And I never really looked back.





So, what spurred me on? I started using alcohol inks and fell in love with the pieces I was creating. Now looking for a way to protect my artwork, understanding that it is light sensitive and needs good protection, I looked to resin. Of course, I went straight onto Instagram, as you do in this age, and saw some lovely resin covered artwork. It had been a while since I used resin and every resin is different, so I hopped on to YouTube and spent countless hours watching videos about resin.





My first piece of artwork covered in resin took a few layers. So much learning goes on in the process. Where I had my teacher’s guidance previously, I was all on my own. But I was ready! One of the first things I learned was mixing resin takes patience and boy you better have some. I had no way of removing bubbles, so I thought I’d give it a go at mixing slowly for 5 minutes and allowing the resin to sit for a short while to let the bubbles rise. Yes, my wrists definitely had a good work out. It actually came out really well. I mean that’s what you can expect when you follow instructions lol. But one thing I didn’t account for properly, was my table being level. I know, I know, its resin 101, so I had to do a couple more layers before I got it right but the outcome was beautiful so it was all worth it. Of course from there, I was just looking for more ways to use resin. And essentially that’s where it all began.




Initially, I used resin as a finishing medium for my alcohol ink artwork. Creating coasters, keyrings, paintings... I found out resin could become the medium itself. Discovering resin could be mixed with pigments, inks, paint, its versatility opened up a whole new world for me. I began making mixed media paintings and coasters.


I’ve been documenting my artwork and use of resin on Instagram for over 1 year now and I am so proud looking back on my journey at how far my skills have come and what I have been able to create. I have to say social media has been a blessing as what only started out as a online portfolio of what I love to do, it allowed me to start my business and connect with so many people. Documenting my work online meant that people who liked what they saw made requests, be it artwork, coasters, or accessories. From here, I decided to open up my Etsy shop, and never looked back.



I’m always thinking about what’s next, while one thing is curing, I am scheming up the next thing and I’m always excited to create. I am excited to do bigger and better things all the time and for what’s yet to come. Only a year in, I know I am just getting started and there is so much more to explore.



My advice for anyone just starting out is, be your own inspiration! Go ahead and try out whatever it is you want to go for because no time is better than now, and resin takes 24 hours to cure. Lol. There is no right or wrong outcome because art is so expressive. Go make mistakes, make new discoveries, find a new passion and start your own resin journey. Oh, and don’t cut corners on safety, because I’ve seen some artists resin war wounds and I’m telling you, not cute. A respirator and gloves are your best friend!! And good ventilation is just as essential. Can’t wait to see what you create! And don’t forget to stay up to date with what I’m doing @nadsfiasco.



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