How To Gain More Confidence When Working With Epoxy Resin?

How To Gain More Confidence When Working With Epoxy Resin?

Welcome to one of the worst things about being a human - Feeling like you have the confidence to do or be great at anything, because most of the time none of us do, especially at the start of trying anything new!




You will never feel confident about doing anything, until you do the thing consistently for a long period of time. Before you start creating with epoxy resin you certainly don’t have the confidence in your own abilities, you have no abilities, not yet.


When you start working with epoxy resin the chance is you’ll make some mistakes and your projects won’t turn out like the the most beautiful Instagram worthy resin creations you’ve been admiring for a while now, so you’ll have no confidence when you start.



Confidence comes further down the line, how far down the line well we can’t say for sure, but you do anything for long enough, putting in the work required to learn and practice to get good at it, then one day you wake up and suddenly you’ll feel it - You’ll feel more confident in your resin abilities than you’ve ever felt before.


The key is to keep going, keep pushing through the lack of confidence and keep creating till the confidence catches up with you!


The amount of people that we talk to in our Facebook Community group, or through our Instagram feed who would love to know the secret to getting more confident with resin is a lot of people. Just knowing that you’re not alone in feeling like this can be of huge help, all of us lack confidence when we start anything new, that’s part of being a human.



The resin artist that you admire on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, they didn’t start out confident, there’s probably even things that they struggle with confidence wise still to this day. Because as soon as you gain the confidence in one area then there will be other things that pop up that you need to start doing and once again you’ll be back to not having the confidence to do these new things.


You might have already heard of the 10,000 hour rule, which was popularised by Malcom Gladwell’s blockbuster book Outliers. As Gladwell states: It takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials. 



We actually believe that working with epoxy resin might not even count as a complex skill for many projects out there, even beginners can start creating the most beautiful projects straight away if they follow the techniques required. And so we believe that it will take less time than this to master it fully to the point where you are not only creating incredible projects, but also running a successful resin business and marketing your business too. Because let’s face it, as a creator of resin, it’s not only making the resin items you need to master to be a huge success in that field.


10,000 hours is of course just an average figure, some people are more naturally able to do things than others, some people will learn faster than others, some people will take the time to learn at all before they get started.


If you feel like you are lacking confidence in your resin skills, or how your creations turn out, or in running your resin business, or in the way you market your resin products, then take a step back, pause, and seriously think about how long you have been working on all of this?



Most people who create with resin do not do it full time, most people when starting out do it in the nooks and crannies of their days, around all of their other busy commitments. It’s going to take a while before you have reached the amount of time necessary, or learned the skills required, or experimented enough when you’re fitting this into your life part time. But that’s ok, that’s your journey. When you realise this you can acknowledge that you do just need to keep going and gain more experience to gain the confidence with it that you yearn for.


You’re actually doing great to learn and be creating what you have done in the short amount of time you’ve actually been dedicating to creating with epoxy resin - give yourself a big pat on the back for that!



Keep pushing through, keep learning, keep growing and you’ll be amazed how confident you’ll be in a few months, years, decades time - You might even become that confident person that others are admiring through their social media platforms, imagine that.


Luckily for you resin can be learned in a short space of time and we have lots of guidance to help you start creating projects that will leave you oozing with confidence faster:


Learn Resin Skills On Our YouTube Channel


Learn How To Create Specific Resin Projects With Our Courses


Learn More about using Our Brands Epoxy Resin With Our Informational Blogs


Gain More Confidence In Your Own Abilities By Reading Our Resin Artist Blogs For Inspiration


And remember, you're always more amazing than you think you are - You've got this!


Team Craft Resin


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