Important Update About Our Referral Program - How To Earn By Sharing Craft Resin:

Important Update About Our Referral Program - How To Earn By Sharing Craft Resin:

We put some information out a short while ago updating everyone that a new referral program was coming soon and that the new program would have certain benefits that our current one doesn't - Unfortunately we have been let down from the technical side to this new platform and cannot achieve what we thought we would with a new platform.



The new referral program (no matter how hard the tech team from the new referral company worked) cannot link all three of our websites together to enable people to shop on our UK, EU and US platforms with one referral link. As amazing as technology is these days, there are still certain restraints to what can be achieved.


The team who owns the new platform tried very hard to make the one link work, however it was not to be, and so we will not be switching to a new referral program. We will be sticking with the one that you may already be signed up to.


But we do have some exciting updates to tell you all about with our current system, so keep reading...


Your customers will now get 10% off their orders instead of 5%!


That's right, we’ve just made the referral program more beneficial for your audience, they can now get a 10% discount off their orders through your links instead of only 5%. This kind of news deserves to be shouted about, why not let your audience know so they can benefit from these extra savings.


You will then also get 10% commission from any order they place through your links, now the discount is even better for them this could mean extra commissions for yourself as they have more of an incentive to purchase through your links.


We’ve created some simple graphics that you can use to announce this in posts and stories. On Instagram stories everyone can now add there links to these and so it makes it even easier for people to buy through you. Use these images or create your own with your branding also on them:




Share one link with your audience keeping it simple!


We know that in order for people from the UK, EU and US to purchase through you you will need to create 3 separate links, unfortunately the technology out there doesn’t allow for this to be done any other way right now. But when sharing your links to your audience we would recommend just sharing the one.


For example if you are a UK artist, then share your UK link on your posts/stories. If anyone then messages you saying it doesn’t work, then you can ask them if they are from the EU or US and then send them a link that would work for them. You can even put on posts DM me for EU or US links.


This will ensure that there is no confusion with your audience to what links they need to use, which should make it easier for your audience to buy from you.


The great news with all this is that you don’t have to make the switch to a new system and we have so many trains tools already in place to enable you to get the most from your referral links.


Click on the subjects below to find out more information to help you get the most from your referral program:


How To Set Up Your Links


Where To Find Your Referral Link


How To Check Your Rewards/Payments & How To Make Changes To Your Links Name & Email


How Can People Shop Through Your Link


Where Can I Share My Links


Template Posts To Use To Help Share Your Links


Create Your Own Referral Links


If you have any issues creating your referral account, or have any further questions about the referral program, please use the contact us form on the website to speak to a member of our team.


Use this as a tool to earn extra money alongside your resin business, the more you share, the more potential you have to earn, so use the tools and get talking about the resin that you already love to use.


Team Craft Resin


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