Havva, Resin Artist - @omgeodeartz

Havva, Resin Artist - @omgeodeartz

Hi my name is Havva Huseyin and my business name is Omgeodeartz

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I’ve always been into creative making as a young child. I would always draw and paint - I was in my element. So finding resin was something I knew I would get into and absolutely love. I came across resin through Instagram and I was in awe, so I started researching how to do them through Youtube. There are lots of handy tutorials. So I self-taught. 



When I first started I thought it would be easy and thought “I've got this!”, but it’s a lot harder than I thought. There were lots of re-dos and giving away my art to family & friends and at one point I thought I couldn’t do it. But as they say, practice makes perfect, so I kept going for 3 months and then finally  got the knack of pouring and mixing my colours up. I’m so glad I never gave up. It’s very rewarding. 



My favourite work is creating craft resin wall art. I absolutely love it. I listen to music and get creative. Once they are hung up, the response is amazing.

 I’ve gone through so many resin brands and craft resin is my absolute favourite. It makes my job so much more enjoyable, knowing it’s not harmful and that the chemicals are air bound, which makes me feel safe. Also, all my artwork comes out crystal clear. Craft resin is just amazing. 



When I first started, I thought I wasn’t good enough, like I’m sure many artists would think. But I knew that once you start thinking negatively and self-doubt creeps in, and don’t do anything about it, it’s too easy to stop. I knew my art was something I didn’t want to let slip by. So I did something out of my comfort zone and applied for my art to be exhibited at the “Under the Rainbow” exhibition in Bluewater shopping centre. I did this to prove to myself that my work is good and that I needed that push, whether I was selected for the exhibition or not. I needed to just apply and face the music. To my surprise they accepted my application. I was so thrilled. I exhibited in Bluewater for 5 weeks  and it was the most amazing experience. I received many, many compliments about my art and made great sales and wonderful friends. It really gave me the boost and confidence to carry on and make more art. I love what I do and I’m so happy I’ve found my niche, and doing what I love everyday. 



If I could give any advice, it would be to not to overthink, and just go for it. You'll never be 100 percent ready when you start something, just make that leap of faith. 


I’m really excited to be exhibiting again for @undertherainbowevents in Bluewater on the 8th of August until the 12th of September 2022. This would be a wonderful way for anyone to see my work in person along with other incredible artists in Kent.
Best wishes 


Havva Huseyin 


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