What To Share With Your Customers When You Share Your Epoxy Resin Creations:

What To Share With Your Customers When You Share Your Epoxy Resin Creations:

When you start selling epoxy resin and hardeners to the general public, including instructions for the projects that use these products is smart. Customers shown respect and gratitude are more likely to continue doing business with a company in the future and make further purchases. It is essential to the success of your resin business that you provide customer project support as a kind of customer care.



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You can offer the following guidelines to your clients as general advice:


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases

2 - Where to display them

3 - Heat resistance

4 - Food safety guidance

5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


1 - How to clean your epoxy resin purchases


Epoxy resin for crafting is plastic. Thus, cleaning requires special care; a gentle, damp, or dry cloth will do the task. Never use abrasive cleaners on anything created with epoxy resin since this might dull or degrade the resin. Epoxy resin is susceptible to warping and melting under dishwashers' high temperatures.



epoxy resin for crafting



2 - Where to display them


Once you bring your new epoxy resin home, put it in a cool, dark place out of the light as quickly as possible. The epoxy resin product may become pliable if kept in a hot place like a summer conservatory or direct sunlight. It will harden when it cools down again, but the form may have been altered.


It is also important to keep outdoor crafts manufactured with epoxy resin in a cool, out-of-the-sun place while not in use.



epoxy resin home



3 - Heat resistance


Temperatures of up to 200°F/93°C are safe for our Low Viscosity resin, while those of up to 180°F/80°C are safe for our Deep Pour resin. Both must cure for 21 days before they can withstand high temperatures.


Please don't put your products on hot plates or pots. Resin coasters are normally safe to use with hot cups. However, some beverages, including Green Tea (which doesn't include milk to considerably cool it down), may cause the coaster to soften.


Store them in the refrigerator or somewhere else cool if they get too soft and warm. Use a flat surface since they will harden into any shape you give them.



Heat resistance


4 - Food safety guidance


The epoxy resin I've been using, Craft Resin, has been tested for leaching and migration in accordance with international standards and found to be completely safe. If you follow the steps in the Craft Resin directions carefully, the cured product will not leach any chemicals into your meal. Your epoxy resin product is fully cured and ready for food use because I checked it before shipping it to you. But please don't depict hot foods in the design; just cold or room temperature ones.



Food safety guidance


5 - How to dispose of them if you need to


The epoxy resin object you've crafted is a remembrance, tribute, or decorative accent. It's not meant to be thrown away after a single use but to serve its purpose for quite some time. Since recycling isn't an option, please throw it out in the ordinary trash can in your kitchen if you need to get rid of it. I appreciate it.


If you no longer need an item in excellent condition, you may help reduce unnecessary waste by donating it to a good cause or selling it. These two choices both contribute to less waste being thrown away.



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How can I give this guidance to my customers:


The following suggestions might be presented to your clients in several different ways. These ideas will flow your creative juices as you consider how to market your company.


Create a page with detailed how-to's.


Your resin company's website might have many useful information for your customers. Providing such guidance in a FAQ may be a quick and easy option. Customers might be sent there when they make a purchase or get an order.


Inform your customer how to proceed by email.


This guidance might also be included in a follow-up transactional email sent to customers after they have completed a purchase or received an item. You may either spell out the steps in the email itself or direct them to the FAQ section of your site.





Include the guidance with their order


You are welcome to include, in addition to the actual things themselves, any applicable instructions for using them in your shipment. They will receive everything requested, including the aftercare supplies and maintenance instructions necessary to keep their new investment looking fantastic for a long time.


For a young company just getting its feet off the ground, a well-designed document that was produced using data from your computer and then printed off may work wonders. If you have a higher budget, consider commissioning a professional business to design and create pamphlets on your behalf.





It is more important for your epoxy resin company to have aftercare and support readily available to its customers from the beginning than to have the information printed on lavender-scented glossy paper with your logo at its inception. So don't worry at the beginning about how you give them the information; make sure it is available to them.


Customers are often highly busy, so you should do all in your power to make the information that is pertinent to them "jump out" (in a figurative sense, of course). Making it stand out will benefit you in the long run since it will result in fewer inquiries and complaints being directed at you.


If you need help deciding what type of instructions to provide your clients when they use our brand of crystal clear epoxy resin for crafts, you should discuss the matter with another artist who creates and sells goods comparable to what you offer. They are more than willing to explain their instructions to their customers.


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