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Tips To Showcase Your Epoxy Resin Creations On Social Media.

Tips To Showcase Your Epoxy Resin Creations On Social Media.

Social media is the perfect place to show off your resin work. Resin creations are extremely beautiful and can really stand out in the busy world of social media.


There are lots of different ways to show off your work and we wanted to go through some of them with you now.





Taking great photos of your resin work can be really simple and easy to do. Mobile phones have amazing cameras in them and so you don’t need to purchase an additional expensive camera in order to photograph your work. Although if you are creating resin work, then you are probably a creative person, and so you can certainly use more advanced cameras and have a play around to get some incredible images if you so wish to.


When it comes to photos you need to consider these three things:


1 - What are you photographing?


What is the resin artwork that you are wanting to take pictures of? It is bright and colourful or is it plain and simple? What is it going to be used for? What is the theme of your social media channel, if you have one?


Depending on what it is will depend on what props you may need to help display it. For example - Are you showcasing coasters, do they need a drink to stand on one or more of them? Are the coasters bright and colourful, if so will standing a drink on them cover up the pattern and colours that you want to show off? Would it be better to arrange them in a pretty way that showcases the colours and patterns instead?


Sometimes having a drink on the coasters perfectly demonstrates what they are used for, but only do this when it’s not going to block the look of them. 


If your social media has a theme, for example - the colour blue, if the coasters aren’t blue, could you display them on a pretty blue table cloth? Or with some blue flowers next to them? If the coasters are blue then think about displaying them on a neutral background to show the blue off.



2 - Where do you want to photograph them? 


Indoors? Is the room/area indoors that you will be taking pictures clean and tidy and free from distracting clutter that will detract someones eyes from the resin work you are showcasing? Try not to have too many patterns in the background, keep the person who is viewing the image eyes fixated on your work, not the background. 


Are you planning on photographing them outside? Again what is the area like outside that you are going to take pictures of them in/on, does that have lots of distractions in the background. Are there moving components behind it, like animals/cars/people etc. 


Keep the spaces behind your work clear and minimal in all scenarios, you want people to be drawn to your work, not what’s around it.



3 - What time of day/night you will be taking the images?


Light is the most important thing to consider when taking photographs. Too dark and people won’t be able to see your work, too light and it will blind them. Daylight will always be easier to take pictures in, especially if you are using a phone camera with less settings for night time work on them.


Be careful in the daylight of shadows. You want the light to be on your work, but when you’re photographing it and in the way of that direct light, it can cause shadows which will cover up part or all of your work.


If you are taking the images in the evening, then consider investing in a light box, ring light or something similar that will give you the artificial light needed to make your work stand out.


Our best advise is to have a play around, try out different locations, different times of day or night, different props, or no props. Find what works for you, the overall look that works for what you are creating. The great news is there are no right or wrong ways to showcase your resin art, only some pointers that will help you make the most of what you are showing off.




We would highly suggest staying clear of filters and presents when showcasing your resin work. Using filters or presents can distort your work, it can change the colours or it, the overall look of it. You want people to purchase your resin work, open their package and smile because what they ordered is what they got, not upset because you used a present and the colours were completely different and not what they expected.


Be transparent, your work is beautiful, it is enough just as it is.


Showcasing you:


Another great tip for your social media is to show you off too - “Oh no! I can’t show my face on there.” we hear you scream!


Well we hate to break it to you, but people buy from people. If people see the person behind your work then they are more likely to trust you and therefore buy from you or at least follow you. 


Don’t be afraid to show your face, you can even be holding some of your own work. Share your resin journey with people, show them your human side, show them how much you’re passionate about your resin business, getting creative and your wonderful customers.


Share videos of you creating your work on your stories, show people the effort and love that goes into your work, this will demonstrate to them why your work is so special and unique. 



Showcase Customer Testimonials:


If a customer sends you a message once they receive their resin art from you and they say the most lovely compliments about your work, ask them if you can share that! It’s not bragging, its sharing how much people are genuinely loving your work.


Maybe you could turn a few testimonials into beautiful posts in Canva (a free marketing tool to create beautiful social post images, posters, banners etc). Share the comment, and then in the text thank the person who shared the comment with you, make sure they are happy for you to do this first. Also don’t share testimonial after testimonial, spread them out, share one then do two creative posts showing off your work, then showcase you, then share your work again, then include another testimonial - Mix it up.



Share the testimonials on your stories, you can put the text with the image of your products that you sold to them. Again if they don’t mind tag them in the story, put a big Thank you gif or text on there too. Be over generous with your thank you’s too, make your customers feel special and valued.


Caz's Creations is a made up business, for the purposes of showcasing images and testimonials for this weeks Blog. If you have your own tips for showcasing your resin work on social media we would love to hear it in the comments below.



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