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Tips for displaying/hanging your epoxy resin art:

Tips for displaying/hanging your epoxy resin art:

Some forms of resin art can simply be displayed free standing, items like coasters, trays, pyramids etc, these don’t need anything special doing to them to be able to set them up beautifully in your home.


Some resin art does however, need a bit of help with displaying or hanging it, let’s go into some tips on how you can do this effectively below:


How can I hang heavy resin art pieces?


Epoxy resin can be heavy, especially if you have used a few layers or your project is very large. If your resin art is designed to be hung on a wall, then normal picture wire is not going to be strong enough to support your artwork.


Instead try hanging heavy artwork using aircraft cable, which is a thin, flexible but extremely strong steel cable that can be found in many hardware/DIY stores. You can also use large D ring hangers to fix to the back of your artwork in order to secure the cable to your art.


Note: Make sure that you check the screws you use with these, some screws can be too long for your artwork and will therefore go straight through it. Measure your screws against the thickness of your work first on one of the edges.


If your art is too thin for the screws, then you might need to consider displaying it in a frame, or building a frame at the back of your artwork in wood to be able to secure the screws to it.


Another method for hanging heavier artwork is to use two pieces of wood that have complimentary 45 degree angles cut into them. One block of wood is installed into the wall, and the other onto the back of the painting. When the painting is hung, the 45 degree angles lock together, securing your artwork in place.



How can I display my resin art upright on a shelf, or windowsill?


The easiest way to display your artwork on a shelf or windowsill, without hanging it in place, is to use a stand. You can purchase many different sizes and styles of plastic or acrylic clear or coloured display stands for art online.


The correct one for you will very much depend on what shape your art is, how you would like it to stand up against it and the colour you would like the stand to be, if not clear.


These are usually a great idea if you want your artwork to be easily portable, you simple lift it off the stand and transport it anywhere, if you move house, or just want to move the location of your artwork to a different room in your house these make that really easy to do.



How can I hang my artwork from a ceiling or windowsill?


Sometimes you might need to hang your resin work from above, for things like suncatchers you might want to hang this from the top of your windowsill, or from your ceiling.


Most of the time you will want to hang lighter artwork, for which you simply need to purchase a ceiling hook which you can then hang your artwork from using picture wire.


However, if you have heavy duty art to hang in this way you will need to purchase something like a art gallery ceiling wall mount picture hanging system kit with adjustable hooks and stainless steel wire. These will take the extra load and secure your heavier work with the peace of knowing it can take the weight.


Note: Please do check where abouts you will be hanging your work if from a ceiling, make sure you aren’t going to drill through any cables and also that the ceiling can take the weight of your artwork first.



If you have your own tips on hanging or displaying your resin art please do share them in the comments below this Blog.


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Happy creating!


Team Craft Resin



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