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Packaging Your Resin Projects

Packaging Your Resin Projects

After all your hard work, the last thing you want is for the meticulously constructed resin sculpture you made to be damaged while it is transported. You should exercise caution if you want to sell the items you are packaging or give them to someone as a gift.


When deciding how to send your finished items, there are several factors to consider, which will be covered in this week's topic.


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You should pay some consideration to the following elements while considering the packaging of your projects:

1 - How long do I wait to package and ship my products?

2 - The size of your project.

3 - The method you'll be sending your project.

4 - Protecting your project/s.

5 - Your branding.

6 - What extras would I like in my package?


Let's dive into some of these now…


How long do I need to wait before I can package and ship my products:



Our normal Craft Resin reaches a solidity rate of 95% in around 24 hours (our Deep Pour and crystal clear epoxy art resin kit takes about 48 hours). This means it has reached the proper hardness for de-molding, and you can start putting the finishing touches on your product. Craft Resin will be fully cured after curing for 72 hours, at which point it may be used on your project.


After 72 hours (or double that time if using our Deep Pour), you can package and transport your resin project without damaging the surface. Please note that if you send your work within the next 72 hours, you must use tissue paper to separate the resin pieces to keep them from sticking to one another during shipping.


The times provided are simply estimations; the actual curing time may differ from what has been provided above, depending on the particulars of your creation. We recommend waiting longer before demolding, packaging, and sending the product if you need clarification. Suppose you inform the customer before closing the transaction that there will be a requirement for a longer shipment period. In that case, the customer's expectations will be met, and you will not have to worry about receiving complaints about the delay of their purchases.


If you need to send your projects fast, add additional protection, like tissue paper between layers, and let the customer know that the order may arrive damaged so that you can meet your deadline. However, remind them they are responsible for taking the risk, not you; you are only responsible for meeting the deadline. When time is important, and the recipient lives close to the sender, it is better to have something delivered by hand rather than send it by courier.


Product Packaging



The size of your project:



When the scope of your project increases, so does the amount of attention to detail and care that must go into its packaging. Packaging most objects manufactured from resin, such as jewelry, coasters, and miniature trays, will be fine without any work. If you are shipping cake stands, you can ship them with the disassembled tiers and provide the buyer instructions on how to reassemble them once received.


When shipping bigger resin artworks, resin tables, or geode projects that may have crystals of varied sizes bursting out. However, more packing inventiveness and research may be required than usual.


The golden rule of packaging is to provide excessive protection for your goods, regardless of size.


When working on a huge project, it might be difficult to locate appealing packaging that is good for the environment and consistent with the brand but is also large enough to send your product. A purchasing website that is intuitive to use, such as Amazon, should be sufficient for less difficult jobs.


The method you'll be sending your project:



If you're handing over your job to a client or recipient, you have much more flexibility regarding packing options. Because you have a complete say over the delivery process, you may go with something as simple as a padded envelope rather than a whole box or go all out with a beautiful presentation using a gift bag.


If you want to hand-deliver the package, remember that the recipient may not be as cautious with the box as you would be. So, to ensure they can get their new acquisition safely to their residence, you should probably pad it out and cover it as much as possible.


If you have no choice but to send the item, it is in your best interest to learn more about the companies who offer this service. Some companies are better than others at handling your package; spending extra now might save you money in the long run by reducing the number of returns due to damage or unhappy customers, which can hurt your business.


Method you'll be sending your project



If you plan on using a shipping company to send your product to its destination, you should spend money on more sturdy packaging. Check out the following section for further information on how your shipments can be protected.



Protecting your project/s:


When in doubt, more precautions for safety ought to be taken.



Regarding the safety of your possessions, it is always best to err on the side of caution rather than take any chances. It won't matter how beautiful the box was when you prepared it if the company delivering your items would throw it around in the air, and if it breaks, it won't be able to safeguard your items.


Consider using sturdy boxes as an alternative to paper or plastic bags in your packaging needs. Even while padded envelopes could be sufficient for delivering smaller items, you should still consider encasing your masterpiece made of resin gallon kit in something more substantial to provide additional protection and create a wow impact when the receiver opens their box.


You should ensure the boxes have good closure mechanisms since you want your work to stay in transit. You should also cushion it well so it does not move in the box. If you're worried about your crafts staying together in transit, wrapping them in tissue paper is a good idea. Add one or two layers of shredded paper or card on top of that, taking care to use paper or card that is in keeping with your brand (we'll return to the issue of the brand in a minute).


Whether or if the materials you're using to pad your box can be recycled is something you should think about now that environmental concerns have been raised. While bubble wrap will secure your valuables throughout transit, it is not eco-friendly and adds to landfill waste. Please do your homework and choose items with more recycling potential; many options are accessible today, and they don't have to break the bank.


Protecting your projects



Your branding:



When contemplating the branding of packaging, it is essential to place the consumer's needs at the forefront of one's thoughts.


You should purchase gift boxes, gift bags, and padded envelopes in the color(s) of your brand; but, if this is not possible, you may utilize colors that are not associated with your brand and then use stickers to embellish them with your brand identification (logo, etc.).


However, the colors you chose to represent your brand are only one component; when customers open your box, what do you hope they will experience that goes beyond the actual goods? Create an experience for your customers that appeals to all of their senses and completely immerses them in your brand. This may be accomplished in unlimited ways, but if you are selling high-end resin, your packaging needs to reflect that. This includes using colors and materials from high-end brands, stacking your resin products within the box so that the receiver can open each layer to get to the next, and even using perfume to fragrance the box and the items inside it.


Could you include some fragrant flowers in the gift so that when the recipient opens it, they are delighted with the sight of dried, beautiful flowers? This would be especially helpful if your business specializes in casting flowers in resin.


Your brand's visual design should determine whether the packaging should be colorful or minimalistic.


When it comes to the labeling design for a product's packaging, there is a lot of potential for creativity; thus, you should experiment with various approaches to see which one gets the best response from your target audience. Involving your audience in the decision-making process, giving them a voice by providing several packaging alternatives for each tale, and running a poll to pick a clear winner will help them connect with your brand. Involving your audience in decision-making and giving them a voice will help them connect with your company.





 What extras would I like in my package:



Similar to how there are many different options for branding, there are also many different options for packaging. Because you might have to pay for some of them, you should hold off on utilizing them until your business is more established or include the cost in the prices of the items you sell.


 You are free to put your spin on them. However, the following are some components that are optional for you to consider:


  • First, the correct procedures for putting resins away.
  • Two, a card expressing gratitude (to which you may affix a voucher for a discount on a future purchase or a reward for a referral).
  • Third, a simple token of gratitude, such as a chocolate bar from a well-known brand embossed with the words "thank you," an extra keychain made of a spare piece of resin, a flower, etc.
  • A letter stating that you would appreciate it if they provided feedback on the products they bought and offering clear instructions on how to do so (this might be as simple as "follow me on Instagram, share your purchase in your stories, and tag me in").


Regarding the packaging options available with resin, the choices are virtually limitless. Your items have a bare minimum need of being safely packaged; everything above is simply frosting on the cake for your customers.


Talk to other creative people if you need help figuring out where to begin. If you see your favorite musicians posting photos of their stunning packaging on Instagram or another social media site, don't be shy about asking them where you can get it. Since you'll be putting your twist on things, you won't plagiarize exactly. Still, if you fall in love with an artist's packaging and think it would complement your brand, you should definitely inquire about its origin. You are capable of the same action. Creative people are happy to share their knowledge and highlight where you might get similar works or resources.


Thank you



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