Mummy & Mi - Proving Through Resin Art That Disabilities Have No Limits!

Mummy & Mi - Proving Through Resin Art That Disabilities Have No Limits!

Prepare to have your hearts warmed by this incredible story about a mother and daughter duo, proving that disabilities have no limits!


Back in 2013 Mummy had a stroke, in a moment her world was changed forever. Unfortunately having a stroke can come with many side effects, Mummy lost the ability to speak, read or write. Mummy also suffers from dyspraxia and mobility difficulties, this is due to being paralysed on the right hand side of her body.



Despite this Mummy founded Mummy & Mi.


This was during the lockdown of 2020 after her obsession started with art videos on YouTube. The Mi side of the business is one of Mummy's daughters Mimi, Mummy always called her Mi, even before the stroke. In fact the whole business is a family run legacy that they have created together.


With help from Mi, what began as a creative hobby has now developed into the perfect stimulating learning environment and creative outlet. This has brought Mummy great joy creating unique pieces and bringing her ideas to life, giving Mummy ‘me time’ with Mi aside from her daily caring routine. 



The importance of Mummy & Mi is the purpose it gives Mummy, giving her a reason to get out of bed in the morning and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. It brings her joy and freedom knowing she can achieve something new each day. With the support of Mi, Mummy has overcome the greatest hurdles.


Mi is a very important part of this business as she has supported Mummy since she had a stroke in 2013 and became her full-time carer in 2019. Mi continuously works hard to give Mummy the best quality of life, dedicating time to teach Mummy something new daily and support her with all her hobbies including resin.


Mummy & Mi’s mission is to create, inspire and bring joy to all of their customers. When you support their small resin business, you also support the freedom and purpose it gives to Mummy, proving that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.



We love using Craft Resin in our products, as soon as we tried them we didn't look back. The quality it gives to our work is amazing and we also love the community that Craft Resin is building too.


We hope that creating with resin gives you all as much joy as it has brought to our family.


Mummy and Mi x

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