love Is In The Air - Valentine's Resin-Spiration

love Is In The Air - Valentine's Resin-Spiration

We know, it only just feels like we've had Christmas! But now it's onto the next special celebration of the year, Valentine's Day 💙


With that in mind we've released this years Valentine's inspirational blog a couple of weeks in advance so it gives you all a chance to be inspired and then have time to get creative making some of these beautiful projects yourself!


Anyone can gift flowers these days, but what about gifting your loved one a beautiful resin creation as a gift that will last as long as your love for each other will.


If your a resin business owner then maybe you'd like to create Valentine's inspired creations to sell at this time of year, again letting your customers know that they could gift an epoxy resin creation that will stand the test of time. That's a great USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business around these special times for gifting.



As you move through this blog we'll be showcasing some of the resin projects that have stood out to us recently which have given us all the Valentine's feels. If you'd like to see the creations in more detail click on the images and you'll be taken to the artists social media feeds where you'll be able to see the creations in all their glory.


Lets begin with the resin-spiration...


First up we have the beautiful Love Addict tray that you can see in the cover picture for this weeks blog. This fabulous, bright and cheerful resin tray was created by Jamie who owns the resin brand When you're creating your valentines projects then consider items that can be used practically around the house, at Valentines, but also throughout the year. Consumers in 2023 are very environmentally conscious, no longer are they wanting to purchase items for special occasions that will get thrown away after the main event, they want items that will last and be functional. A resin tray could be the perfect functional, everlasting, but beautiful and sentimental gift:



Jamie has a course showcasing how to create a similar tray on our course platform. If you'd like to learn how to create a similar tray to above then check out her Winter Tray Course today and simply change the colour pallet to create a Valentine's themed one instead.


Next on our resin-spiration list is this wonderful, and also practical resin creation, a beautiful Resin Clutch Bag with flowers encapsulated into it. This resin creation was made by Subaitha from the resin brand @touchesofsu. We love how classically beautiful it is, and how it would make the recipient very happy receiving a gift like this on valentine's day. What we also love is that the flowers could be fully customisable to any that the recipient loved, and these flowers will last them forever, unlike a bouquet:



Love could is all around with the next project, this fabulous LOVE sign with lights encased in the resin, great to make your creations stand out in the daylight or at night. Imagine this on your romantic table for your valentines dinner, or on a sideboard next to you both while you snuggle up on the sofa. This project was created by Sarah, who owns the resin brand @art_of_resin. Sarah's feed is full of lots of wonderful resin inspiration, so make sure to check it out:



It wouldn't be Valentine's without some beautiful resin hearts popping up before your eyes. We love how these ones by Alex who owns the brand @alexthealchemyst has stepped away from the traditional valentines' colours to create these beautiful Resin Heart Coasters. No everyone out there will like plain pinks/reds, the more traditional valentine's colours, so mix it up. Creating any heart shaped creation, no matter the colour, will still appeal to your audience looking for valentines inspired gifts:




Sticking to the Valentine's theme of hearts for the rest of the blog, let's show you some variations of the traditional heart and see if we can get you to think about hearts in lots of different ways to inspire and ignite your creativity.


Starting with this beautifully vivid Pill Heart Project by Ayanna from @prescription_resin. Inspired by her medical practice and her eternal enthusiasm for colour combinations, Dr Ayanna creates statement home decor pieces and whimsical wall art to spark maximum joy and elevate her customers space. We love showcasing Ayanna's work because it's always so original and makes you think outside the box with resin art. She's combined her two worlds, the medical and resin world to create the most amazing projects:



How beautiful is this Heart Resin Clock! Lots of valentines feels with this project, from the heart shaped design to the beautiful floral arrangements that have been used within the resin clock. This would make such a beautiful and practical valentines gift, and great for anyone to gift a loved one who maybe isn't that great with their timekeeping! This beautiful resin clock was created by Carolyn from the resin brand



Next up we're stepping into the world of resin jewellery with these beautiful and diverse resin Heart Necklaces by Leanne from @bohocreations003. Jewellery is always a top seller and great idea for a gift at times of the year such as Valentine's Day, but also year round too. So if you create resin heart necklaces, but then find they haven't sold over Valentines, then you can always keep them going throughout the year, so they make a great resin business option to create and sell:



Leanne also created these beautiful resin Heart Earrings below too, these are so pretty and would make lots of people very happy receiving them on Valentines. Have a think yourself, what variations of resin jewellery could you create, what colour combinations, what molds could you use, what could you encapsulate in them? If you need some fabulous resin jewellery inspiration then check out Leanne's feed, it's full of amazing jewellery creations amongst other creations:



Thinking outside the pot! How about creating different items in valentines colours, with hearts showcased in the patterns on them, like this fabulous Resin Heart Pot by Clare from @cla_resin. This pot is so cute and you could fill it with some valentines chocolates before gifting, or any other trinkets you'd like to gift to your loved one. Valentine's items like this are such a great idea to create for Valentine's but then let your audience know that they are bespoke, and so can be created with other colours and patterns after the special Valentines occasion is over, so then you're opening up the door for future orders too:



From beautiful Heart Pots, to stunning Heart and Flower Coasters, not in the shapes of flowers and hearts, but in traditional coaster shapes, adding the valentines twist with the gold heart/flower images added to them. This is a great idea as a resin business, because you might not want to invest in special Heart shaped molds, just to bring out once a year on Valentines, but traditional coaster molds can also be used and made into a valentines theme by adding the imagery to the top before topcoating with a clear layer of resin to seal it in. These fabulous creations were made by Nadine from @resin_kreativwelt, Nadine always gives such a luxurious feel to her creations and also her branding which we really love:



Anyone else get Beauty And The Beast vibes when they see our next creation! The single encapsulated rose in this fabulous Heart Coaster is such an epic touch to this project alongside the darker tones and colours that have been used. The gift of love is not only reserved for Valentines, it does flow throughout the year too, so if you'd like to invest into specific heart molds then go for it, they can give many creations such a beautiful look to them. This amazing creation below is by Chrissy from the brand @standtogetheruk. We work really closely with Chrissy and she helps lots of our artist expand their resin skills through our YouTube channel, in fact she has some heart shaped resin tutorials on there so definitely visit our channel if you're new to resin art and you'd like to create something similar to the below:



 For another idea for some beautiful Valentine's inspired resin Heart Coasters check out these elegant pink and gold creations below. When you add in some gold leaf and some gold edging we feel that it gives creations that luxurious look to them and makes a traditional creation more elegant looking. Valentines Day gifting is the perfect time to add on some elegant touches like these simple additions. These elegant coasters were created by Svetlana from the resin brand @karenka_shop_, check out Svetlana's feed for lots of elegant resin inspiration:



Next up we have a selection of fabulous heart resin creations encapsulating flowers inside by Beth from the resin brand @creativetouchesbybeth. What we absolutely love about these creations and ideas for Valentine's themed projects is that they are heart shaped so give off all the love feels, but include special sentimental flowers inside them gives them an extra touch of personalisation and ups the level of love gifting by miles! And you can totally market these for after valentines day too, if someone has received valentines flowers on the day, they will not last forever, but this is a way to make them an eternal gift:



We're absolutely loving these fabulous Resin Heart Photo Holders that Cristina from the resin brand @ma_cresin has created. The druzy insert that has been used to create the kind of crystals in the top of these beautiful projects really adds an extra touch of glamour and luxury to these creations. We also love the sparkle that is then achieved with the druzy topped hearts, these elements sticking out of your projects really catches the light and makes them sparkle like diamonds without the use of glitters. Have you tried a druzy insert yet? If not we do have a druzy insert tutorial available on our course website.



We hope you're all really feeling the love and creativity that's flowing through this blog with all these fabulous resin valentine's creations. We've got a couple more left to show you, and then it's up to you to take inspiration from these and create your own!


Next up we have another fabulous, but very different take on a resin heart project using gorgeous pinks, whites and brown to create a very special and unique design that looks absolutely beautiful. We love the textures that you can create in a project using different colouring techniques and materials. The project below was lovingly created by Anna from the resin brand @ajcreates247 check out Anna's feed for lots of fabulous resin-spiration. Click on the image below to see how Anna's created this project and built up her colours/textures:



Moving onto our last piece, and there's a reason we've saved this project for last, because it is truly magical! Alex from the resin brand @magically_resin has created this beautiful 3D resin heart project below using resin yes, and gold leaf, but it's also got cement in it! Who'd have thought adding cement to resin could make such a beautiful creation, this is what we love about Alex, and why she's recently joined our YouTube team creating tutorials for you all to learn from and enjoy, because she creatively thinks outside the box all the time. She has fun creating, and experiments to come up with new incredible projects, and we believe that's what we should all do with resin! She has named this creation: 

“Alabaster Soul”



Well what a lovely blog to create, we hope you've all gained some inspiration from seeing other valentine's themed creations. If you'd like to try to create any similar projects to the above then why not top up your clear epoxy resin kit today and use the versatile Craft Resin products to create the most amazing valentines creations!


Craft Resin Shop


There really is no limit to what you can create when using resin, so have fun, pour your own love into all your creations and have a wonderful Valentine's Day when it comes. A big thank you to all the artists who allowed us to feature their work in this weeks blog, you all inspire us every single day!


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