Hi everyone! 
My name is Jemma Familton otherwise known as Ava-Grace Resin. 
I’ve been working with Craft Resin for around 8 months now, and recently set up a small business selling some of my work. I also have an Instagram account - @avagraceresin and Facebook page - Ava-Grace Resin where I share my work and videos on my techniques. 
Ava-Grace Resin is named after my daughter who is without doubt the most beautiful thing I ever created, but I’ve always had an arty streak, and Covid-19 made me reassess things and decide it was time to be brave and dive into the world of resin.
To be honest I’ve found that I was struggling with my mental health during the last year, and needed something I could focus on and to inspire me, and resin work has really given me that escape.
I began making coasters and small items and have progressed recently into trialling my own alcohol ink coaster techniques and sea scene art. I take inspiration from other artists like Coopers Custom Casts and love to learn new styles. My husband has been really supportive of my new venture but dreads the post box going and the arrival of more moulds and glitter!
I’ve found the resin community to be so welcoming, and enjoy seeing everyone’s beautiful creations. There is so much you can do with resin and I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface but ultimately my goal is to combine my love of drawing and painting birds and nature with my resin work. 
My favourite piece so far has been my sea scene trinket tray, whenever we go on holiday we collect sea glass from the beach and I’m planning to create a sea glass and resin base in this. I love to up-cycle things and the trinket tray is made from an old box my daughter had some beads in.
If like me you need an escape and want to get your creative juices flowing I would say be brave, be inspired and go for it - you’ll love every minute 
Jemma FamiltonJemma FamiltonJemma FamiltonJemma FamiltonJemma FamiltonJemma Familton
ARTIST FROM THE UKJemma FamiltonJemma Familton

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