Jamie Roitman, Resin Artist -

Jamie Roitman, Resin Artist -

Hi everyone, my name is Jamie and I own the brand Resin Bar Studio.



My original background was not related to resin at all, I am an opera singer! When the world stopped during the shutdown, all of my contracts were on hold. The artistic part of me was unsatisfied by not doing anything. I was always intrigued by resin art, so I decided to give it a shot. 


When I first decided to try resin, I went to my craft store and bought their resin brand, which was a disaster, mostly because the smell was unbearable.



After some trial and error with some other resin brands, Craft Resin was the clear winner and I let my creativity flow. 


I love working with epoxy resin because it's so versatile, lately I’ve been loving creating home goods, but if you ask me next week, I’ll probably have a different answer. You can create so many things with epoxy resin so it's hard to stick to one thing, best to let your creativity just flow 😉. 



When I began playing with resin during the height of Covid, I never dreamed it would become a business - it wasn’t my intent. I was posting pictures of some of my creations on social media just for fun! Friends started inquiring about purchasing and it all took off from there.


I think it will always be a challenge to keep up with what your clients want. You need to stay on top of the trends but also have to make sure your creations are unique and not imitations of others’ work. 



I'm a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin! Being a Brand Ambassador has enabled me to help other artists who are just beginning.  It also makes me feel that Craft Resin respects me both as an artist and as a valuable member of their team. 


Creating with resin has not only given me a small business I never in a million years would have envisioned, but has also showed me that the options with resin are endless. I’m starting to work on some larger scale items and my clients are really responding to it! I now work with wood and acrylic regularly. 



When you start working with epoxy resin expect to make a ton of mistakes, but you’ll learn from every single one of them. I’ve been learning pieces that didn’t come out “perfect” can be updated and can be used to create something totally different than your original plan. I’ve made lots of happy accidents and I’m sure this is only the beginning.

Jamie Roitman

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