Growing Your Resin Business With Social Media

Growing Your Resin Business With Social Media

The good news is that you can utilize social media to assist with expanding and launching your resin business with very little to no financial commitment on your side.


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People buy from those they trust, and for them to trust your brand, they need to know who is behind it. Showing your face is the first step in building that trust.


It baffles us when, even today, we go to an artist's online business page, profile, or feed and can't even see their name. This discourages us from contacting the artist since we don't know who we're talking to when we do so. Imagine if that person was a prospective client and they didn't reach out to you about developing a project for them because they needed to know who they were speaking to because they didn't know who they were speaking to.


So, at the very least, identify yourself in the bio, even just by a nickname.


After taking that step, it's only natural to reveal your identity. It's great when people recognize your name. That's the groundwork for trust. However, showing your face increases your credibility.


Share images and videos of yourself regularly, either posing with a finished product at your resin table or at a live event where you are selling your resin.


These are only a few instances; I encourage you to consider your own! Get in the habit of shooting lots of pictures while you're in a good mood so you can have a sizable archive to look back on.


As long as it's not a cat or dog filter and you're not wearing those silly ears on your head — don't post them unless that's part of your branding, but that's another story, and for most of you, it isn't — even if you need to add a subtle filter because you're not comfortable in your skin, that's better than nothing.


Another great tip to make your face look amazing is to ensure you have great lighting!


We get it; standing in front of a bright light with your face in the center of the beam might make you feel like every flaw in your complexion is being magnified. Poor lighting from above or behind you can dull the image and highlight flaws. Instead, try taking a picture while standing in front of a window and snapping a picture with the light shining in; you'll be impressed by how great your skin appears.


Getting a Ring Light is an additional option. These may make your skin seem great and are useful for taking photos of yourself and your work without harsh shadows.




Share any useful hints and suggestions regarding your epoxy resin projects, such as choosing the appropriate epoxy resin art starter kit for a certain project, which molds to use, how to produce resin projects, and how to add various colors or patterns to finished products. The list may continue!

There are two main benefits to this:


A - Your work will be more highly valued, and you will be seen as more of an expert in resin art when people can see the time, energy, money, effort, and expertise that went into developing your products. Is someone who specializes in resin or seems to be making things as a hobby?


B - This will increase the likelihood that your suppliers will offer you opportunities to be an official brand ambassador, resulting in free products, monetary compensation, and exposure for your channel when larger companies promote your content to their audiences.


We've observed a rise in the number of artists taking this approach, and we've seen that those artists who do so enjoy significantly greater levels of interaction and popularity due to their informative posts and videos. Many of the artists we collaborate with employ epoxy resin in their work, and we've found that doing so has been great for both of our businesses.


It's probably because you are afraid that encouraging other people to experiment with resin would increase the amount of "competition" you have; you are avoiding sharing content like this.


If you fear that there will be more business to go around if you share your expertise and teach people how to resin, then you have an attitude problem called a lack of attitude.


Some students will experiment with an epoxy resin gallon kit and discover that it appeals to them. In contrast, others may get motivated to create their businesses directly from your lectures. On the other hand, the globe's population passed the 8 billion mark on November 15, 2022. Consider this: out of the approximately 8 billion individuals in the globe, how many have used mica powder or epoxy glue for their artistic endeavors?

There are currently 1.386 billion active users on Instagram each month; how many of those people will view your posts? There won't ever be a time when you need more customers.


We believe that your inability to recognize the magnitude of the potential customer base you have is preventing you from achieving your goals.


What else relating to your resin business do you not share, tweet, or talk about because you have a preconceived assumption that it would fail?


Suppose you choose not to share content, engage in certain conversations, or perform other activities on social media. In that case, the number of people who view your work may decrease as a direct result.


You need to expand your reach and the amount of engagement you have on social media to locate individuals interested in purchasing your products. You can't expect everyone to experiment with resin just because you showed them how to do it, and you can't expect everyone to buy your products just because you showed them they are available.


epoxy resin gallon kit


Having a social media account and publishing isn't enough to attract people to see your work and buy it. Instead, it would help if you interacted with your audience. You must interact with the people that are watching.


If you post and interact with people in your audience, they will interact with you. Your audience will see more of your postings the more they interact with them, which is why social media gets its name from the fact that it was built to facilitate social interaction.


Therefore, make your posts interesting and start them with taglines that will lure readers in...


  • Wow, are you really going to guess what that is?
  • Who would be interested in seeing how I created this?

I don't know what to do...

All of the above will entice readers to click through your page for additional information. Once you've got their attention, fill the rest of the post with the meat of your argument before wrapping things off with a call to action.


  • What's your favorite hue? Leave a comment underneath
  • What small items might fit in this resin jar? Leave a comment underneath
  • Do you have any experience working with epoxy resin? Kindly inform me
  • Leave a comment below if you're interested in trying resin.
  • Does anybody else make art out of epoxy resin?


A call to action would look like the link in my bio, allowing users to purchase my creation, etc. Nevertheless, this will not improve interaction, which means fewer people will read this message because fewer individuals will read it. As a direct consequence, there will be a reduction in the number of prospective purchasers evaluating the post.


Even better, share your posts and creations on your stories with a buy call to action, and even utilize the link feature to lead people straight to your online store so they can make a purchase without browsing your feed. This way, they won't waste time looking through your feed.


Make it a habit to promptly respond to any questions or concerns readers raise in the comments section of your posts. In addition to this, set aside time in your daily routine to respond to direct messages.


By asking your audience questions, you enhance the likelihood that they will react, improving communication and engagement in two directions.






Make contact with other artists working with resin, and establish a community for yourselves on the internet. Collaborate with other members of the community that you build. Working together on projects or social postings is a great way to boost your brand's visibility.


Once more, many people will likely be wary about working together because of the topics covered earlier in this article. Because we will be working together, and their audience will be exposed to my work, there will not be any rivalry between us.


Every single artist has a unique style, which is reflected in the finished products that they produce. Similarly, each consumer is unique and has a distinct set of work requirements. When you work with other artists, you increase your visibility build trust, and the likelihood that others would like you.


Your consumers will have an easier time locating you, and they will like that you are the kind of person who is so confident in themselves and their talents that they can work together with other people in a manner that is not antagonistic toward them.


We'd all like to buy from an artist like that.


Working with other creatives will enhance your life in many ways outside of work. If you tend to work alone, having a fellow creative to chat with might be a welcome change. The energy produced when two people with a shared passion for an activity get together is infectious, and this will keep the inspiration and enthusiasm for working with resin alive and well. Consequently, you will grow in knowledge and confidence and find new ways to express your creativity.


To reap these benefits, you should collaborate with a fellow online artist.






Promoting your work and building brand awareness both benefit from video documentation. And because your audience gets to see you, they are likelier to believe what you say.


Working with other artists or businesses may greatly increase the number of people who see your films or live streams.


The transition from picture sharing to video sharing can be intimidating, and it may take some practice to become proficient at both. Setting up your workplace, looking more decent than you may ordinarily in your craft room, and remembering to hit buttons later to save the video are just a few of the things you need to do before going live. But it's all been so worthwhile in the end.


If you're a resin artist, going live or publishing videos on a regular basis can help you stand out from the crowd and build trust and interaction with your audience, ultimately leading to increased sales.


Don't worry so much about seeming "perfect" online; your viewers won't expect your videos to be professionally shot just because you have a large following. You should embrace the chaos that may exist in your craft space since no one expects it to be neat. You don't need to memorize lines or seem robotic; instead, pretend the camera is your greatest friend and chat naturally about your work.


Remember that the more practice you put into making videos, the better you'll get; the less practice you put into making videos, the worse you'll get.






Reward your consumers and win over new fans by offering freebies or special discounts, such as an epoxy resin masterpiece you have yet to sell.


You don't have to overdo it, and you don't even have to perform them very often. Tiny giveaways are a great way to get started on social media and in the resin industry. If you use certain brands, get out to them to see if they can provide you with a tiny item to give away. Many businesses will be willing to assist you because of the publicity they will receive if you share your giveaway with your audience.


You may even provide a digitally-delivered lesson in resin usage for an hour. If they purchase their materials in advance, this can be done for free using Zoom or, if possible, in person.


Put your thinking cap on and be imaginative.




We realize how daunting it might seem to put your work into the public for the first time on social media. It's like trying to build a wall by tossing spaghetti at it. You throw stuff up whenever you feel like it. However, you feel like it. Don't worry about it; making mistakes is normal when starting in social media marketing.


After you've been active on social media for a while, it's time to start monitoring your posts', videos,' reels,' and stories' analytics to determine which pieces of material are most well-received.


Try correlating the number of likes and comments your article received with the sales you made on the related project during that week.


It may take some time, but eventually, patterns will emerge. There will inevitably be outliers:


  • Some projects perform better than others.
  • Certain types of material do better than others.
  • Some followers interact with your postings more than others (these will be your super fans; they'll appreciate it if you thank them for their support).

When you find the best times to post, stick to them. You may also put them on your calendar using a service like


You may tailor your content production to your audience's tastes and discard what doesn't perform well.


You'll discover that spending a little time tracking your content today will save you a lot of time in the future from not having to create and upload material that doesn't perform well. Building this routine early on will increase the likelihood of maintaining it as your firm expands, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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