Craft Resin Epoxy - Coating Resin for Art & Craft

Crystal-Clear Craft Resin Epoxy, the premium epoxy resin for breathtaking art and crafts. Ideal for jewelry making, paintings, coasters, woodworking, tabletops. Low viscosity resin for liquid art. Food-Safe. Create stunning bar tops, serving boards, and decorative items with confidence. Our advanced formula minimizes air bubbles for a smooth, professional-looking finish. Enjoy UV-resistant creations that retain their vibrant beauty for years to come. Heat Resistant 93ºC / 200ºF. Self Leveling. Mixes well with mica pigment powders. 100% Solid.


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Craft Resin – 1LCraft Resin – 1L
Craft Resin – 1L Sale price€29,99
Craft Resin – 4LCraft Resin – 4L
Craft Resin – 4L Sale price€94,99
Craft Resin– 8LCraft Resin– 8L
Craft Resin– 8L Sale price€134,99