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Why Is Craft Resin Slightly More Expensive Than Some Other Brands On The Market?

Why Is Craft Resin Slightly More Expensive Than Some Other Brands On The Market?

Have you heard the phrase you pay for what you get?


Well that is true in the world of epoxy resin as it is in lots of other items you can purchase on the market. If you want a good quality product that you can rely on time and time again then you’re going to have to pay a little bit more for one that uses superior quality ingredients, and those ingredients don’t come cheap.




So let’s say that you’ve just started out in the world of epoxy resin and you’re creating your first masterpiece, how do you know if its worth paying that little bit more and getting a better quality resin, or not?


Your safety:


We’ve put safety at the top, because we believe that you spending your money on a resin brand that is at the forefront of epoxy safety should be one of your main priorities when looking for a brand to work with. 


Cheaper brands of epoxy resin mean that cheaper ingredients will have been used in the formulations, and therefore things like non-toxicity may be compromised or non-existent in these products.


Always check the safety guidance for the brand you are using, if they have certification to prove their non-toxicity like we have, then these can be trusted and you might well want to use the cheaper brand on that occasion.


If you cannot find the safety guidance from the brand, then it is always advisable to invest in extra safety precautions like respirators, full PPE and ventilation in your work and curing area (you might want to invest in these anyway, regardless of the price of your epoxy resin).


Take a look at Craft Resin’s safety guidance to find out why we stand out as one of the safest epoxy resin’s on the market:


Craft Resin safety information



What project are you creating?


Depending on the project that you are creating, you might be able to get away with using a cheaper epoxy resin. What do we mean by that?


Well if for example you are creating a simple bookmark resin project, and you want it to be a block colour so you add something like Mica Powders to it and pour it into your mold and leave it to cure for a few days, then some of the benefits you get with a brand like Craft Resin aren’t necessarily needed.


However, if you’re creating a clear project with flowers in it, and you need it to be crystal clear and bubble free, then you might want to spend that bit extra to get a resin that can achieve these results when the techniques are followed.


With our epoxy resin formulations you can achieve crystal clear, bubble free projects that will not yellow over time like others can. You can read more about these features though the link below:


Benefits of using Craft Resin


If you’re creating projects that you need perfection for then spending that little bit extra will enable you to get that flawless finish, but no matter how hard you try with some epoxy resin’s on the market you just won’t be able to achieve the same results. 


You will still need to follow Craft Resin’s techniques to the letter to achieve flawless results time and time again, but when you do and you’re using a superior brand, flawless results will come easier to you.


Find out more about the techniques you need to use when using Craft Resin below:


How to use Craft Resin



Are you selling your projects or just creating for fun?


If you’re brand new to epoxy resin and you just want to give it a whirl, you’re not gifting your projects, you’re not selling your projects, you just want to try it, then using a cheaper brand might be a good place for you to start. Just be aware that projects might not quite turn out as flawless as you’ve seen them on your favourite epoxy resin Instagram feeds, but they can be a good place to start and practice with.


If you’re going to be selling your work and you need to ensure your work turns out flawless, then please consider investing in a better quality and therefore more expensive brand like Craft Resin. What you invest into your business you can then get back by charging that little bit more as your projects will be a superior quality and last the test of time without issues like yellowing, heat resistance and scratching occurring.



What's your budget?


Ultimately what epoxy resin you purchase may just come down to your budget, you can’t spend more than you have available right. 


If this is you then that’s completely ok, there are cheaper epoxy resins that will get you off the ground, that will help you start your creative journey. Then once you have been creating for a while, and maybe you’ve sold some of your work then you could look into upgrading and buying an epoxy resin like Craft Resin and invest in your projects with an epoxy resin that will give you flawless results that your customers will love.


Whichever brand you are using, if you are tight on a budget, then please do your research beforehand to how that brands epoxy resin works. You’ll waste less by learning the techniques you need to use with that brand first.



All brands resin are formulated differently and therefore need different guidance to use correctly. Check out Craft Resin’s below:


How to use Craft Resin


We also have a new YouTube channel where how to videos are being shared weekly, if you’re using our brand and would like to learn the basics and more advanced techniques then visit the channel below:


YouTube channel


Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the new videos as they come out.


We hope this has been helpful to you, if you have any questions about our brands epoxy resin please contact us through our website form.


Team Craft Resin

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