Who am I?
My name is Rengin; and with the help of my fiancé Jay, we started another new business together with ‘ResinByRen’ a small business based in the UK.
How did I get here?
Ever since I can remember I have always loved the arts and indulging into my creativity. I completed my Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA Part II) at the Cass, London Metropolitan University and prior to my RIBA Part 1, I gained an additional Bachelors in Interior Architecture & Design with professional experience working on high-end residential design, commercial design, competitions and product design. I also had the privilege to work on humanitarian projects for 3 years, both as a student and research assistant, in a peri-urban settlement in Nepal that was greatly affected by the 2015 earthquake.
Me and my fiancé also run a YouTube channel together. Right now we have about 85,000 subscribers; but decided to take a break from the YouTube life. It wasn’t long after we took a break from YouTube is when I heard about epoxy resin art. What started off as an hobby during the pandemic lockdown playing around with resin to enjoy on my own, quickly turned into something big. Friends and family started asking me to make little pieces and coasters for them; until one of them suggested I open a shop.. so I did!
What we make?
I started off making small pieces trying to perfect my technique. I much prefer making more abstract and vivid colour pieces. Resin truly has a mind of its own, you never know how it will turn out and that’s what I absolutely love, the demould reveal. Once I was comfortable experimenting with different techniques; I started to put together different collections and colour-ways,  including our top seller ‘Blossom’ collection. Right now we have multiple collections of handmade coasters, trays, jewellery dishes and keychains on our Etsy shop. 
Social Media
If you want to follow what I’ve made, or interested in any abstract custom pieces; please follow us and get in touch!
Instagram: @ResinByRen 

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