Our Gift To You - Price Drop Loading...

Our Gift To You - Price Drop Loading...

Prices are increasing across the world, and it's looking as though we're headed for a potential recession that could mean a very difficult time ahead for many - Sorry to start this blog on such a gloomy note, we promise it's going to get better, keep reading!


We realise that we aren't one of the cheapest resin brands on the market, but we pride ourselves on creating quality formulated products that give you outstanding results in your resin projects. That being said we really want to help our resin community out during this difficult time.


That's why we're price dropping one of our best selling products our 4 Litre/1.06 Gallon Pro Kits across all markets!!!


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We want you to go into the Festive season knowing that you can still afford to run your resin businesses, using the best resin (in our opinion anyway!) on the market, and that you won't need to increase your prices to your customers.


We want you to have the best Festive Season your resin business has had so far and we want you to continue using our brand, the brand you know and trust for your creations.


Welcome to our Back To School Price Drop!


This price drop will be live as of 5.09.22, and will be running until further notice. We will let you all know if we plan on increasing the prices back up to the level they were before in advance, so you don't need to panic buy.


These prices will also be updated for subscriptions, so not only can you purchase the products at the lower price, but you can also get an extra 15% off these prices too when you purchase regularly through our subscriptions.


You have full control over your subscription so you can cancel, or skip orders any time you would like to, so if you'd like to set up a subscription while the prices are lower on our 4 Litre/1.06 Gallon kits then you can do so and then cancel when/if the prices rise again.


Read more about our subscription service and how you can make these changes here.


These prices will also be lower for anyone purchasing the 4 Litre/1.06 Gallon kit through your referral links so they can also save an extra 10% off these prices, and you will earn 10% commission on these new lower prices.


So get sharing this with your audience so they know they can take advantage of these price drops too. Use the graphics in this email, or create your own to share it on your social media channels.


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Let's go into the Festive Season ready to maximise your resin businesses and have the best year of sales you have had to date!


And don't forget we also have our weekly Instagram Giveaways, where you could win a Starter Kit and pack of Mica Powders. Make sure you're entering each week so you have a chance at gaining even more supplies ready for the busy period:


Visit our Instagram feed and click on the #CRWEEK36 to enter our latest giveaway.


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