How To Engage With Your Audience To Drive More Sales In Your Epoxy Resin Business:

How To Engage With Your Audience To Drive More Sales In Your Epoxy Resin Business:

When it comes to social media in order to be seen, for your resin projects to get noticed you need to be engaging with the accounts who follow you. 


Sure you can grow your following by posting Reels each day, but if you’re not engaging with the new people who join your account then you’re not getting seen by them and you’re potentially missing out on sales because of this.



So how can you engage with your audience without spending hours of your day online?


Let us show you how…


First of all keep creating the content that you’re creating, keep putting that out to the world, keep sharing your resin projects when you’ve made them. Resin projects are so visually beautiful that this will help attract people to your feed in the first place. You still need a steady supply of new followers so that your business grows, so don’t skip this step just to engage.


10 minutes before you go to post your content jump onto your social media, if you have anyone in your audience that you know would love the project you’re just about to share, then engage with them. 



What do we mean by engage:


Go onto their feed, like and comment on their last post. 

Head to their stories and like a couple of them.

Direct message them and see how their day’s going.


Don’t do all of the above at once, but choose one of them depending who you’re speaking to and what’s most natural and follow that. Think of social media not as a strange online world where accounts aren’t real, but think of accounts as real humans who you’re interacting with. What would you say to them if they were a real human, because they are! The person behind the account is a real person.



Not all of your engagement has to lead to a sale, so take the pressure off from the start. Not every conversation, not every time you engage will end up with that person buying from you. Your only mission with engagement is to use social media to be social so that your feed sticks in their minds, then when they are ready to purchase something of yours, they will think of you and contact you. 


They’re less likely to contact the person who has just been putting content out there but who hasn’t been talking to them.


10 minutes after posting your content, engage with your audience. Reply to any comments that pop up on your post and again jump back onto stories and interact with your audiences posts.



If you’re like most people in the world this is where you can get sucked into the social media vortex and instead of spending 10 minutes engaging, find that 3 hours have passed! To stop this happening set an alarm, make sure that after the 10 minutes is up that you put your phone down and get back to your resin business.


If you only have 30 minutes per day, this will give you plenty of time to engage before, post your content then engage after your post too. If you have longer you could also jump on another time of day and set your alarm again, so you can then focus on the accounts that follow you and spend another 15-30 minutes interacting with them.


This simple strategy taking 30-60 minutes our of your working day will ensure that you’re work gets seen above others who may not be interacting and engaging with their audience, this will stand your work apart from the crowd. Do this consistently over time and you’ll be regularly popping into people's minds when they need what you have to offer and this will increase your sales. It's not a quick fix, it will take time, and you might not know that this is the reason your sales have increased, but it will definitely be having an invisible effect.



There are a couple of other ways to prompt your audience to engage with you, so they’re the ones starting the conversations with you:


Questions - Don’t just post your work and then in the caption put pretty resin coaster for sale, DM me for info! End your posts with questions, questions need answering!


Who else is obsessed with pretty resin coasters at the moment? Comment below ⬇️


What colour combinations would you love if you were to order a resin coaster set? Comment below 🤩


A sample post could be something like:


How pretty do these white and gold coasters look! Sometimes I create something that I really don’t want to sell! 😂


What colour combinations would you love if you were to order a resin coaster set? Comment below 🤩


If you’d like to purchase a set of Coasters like this I can customise the colours for you, pop me a message through and we can discuss the colours you’d love 💙



Polls/Question Stickers - Engaging with your audience through stories now can be super simple. Create a couple of stories that show off your resin creation, then add a Poll or a Question Sticker at the end story.


Ask your audience what’s their favourite resin creation is?


Poll - Coasters/Trays/Trinket Dishes (tie the answers into items you create)


Question Sticker - What colour would you like to see me create my next Coaster Set with? Let them answer and start the conversation with you.


When they answer a Question Sticker or Poll you can message them directly and say thank you for responding to my Question/Poll - I love Pink too! Or I love Coasters too, they’re actually my favourite thing to make! Hows your week going?


Again don’t over do any of these, you don’t want every story to have an interaction point on it, just weave them in every now and again.


Be prepared at first for no one to interact with your stickers that's normal, you haven’t been asking your audience to engage with you in the past so they're not expecting to have to. It might take them a while to warm up to it. You’ll also get better over time at what questions to ask, when one does better than the others you know to repeat something similar to that in the future, its trial and error.



As a resin business owner and content creator, you’ll need to get used to using your social media in new productive ways like we’ve discussed in this blog. Use social media to run your business, don’t let social media run you - What do we mean by that, cute Reels of puppies and kittens are designed to hook us in, to keep consuming, to keep us scrolling. Don’t get sucked into the scroll hole, you’re on social media as a business owner for a reason, to grow your business - Set timers, be intentional, scroll past the puppies, they’re not going to buy your resin projects! 


If you have any great engagement ideas or tips that you find successful, then please share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear what works for you!


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We hope you have a great time packaging your products and giving your customers an amazing experience, please do tag us in any creations you do make so that we can admire and share your work and let us know how you engage with your audiences to keep them thinking about your business.

Team Craft Resin

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