Orshy Koreh, Resin Artist -

Orshy Koreh, Resin Artist -

Hi everyone, my name is Orshy and I own the resin brand

I was always intrigued by resin art, I used to work as a flight attendant and as a hobby of mine one day started to create these gorgeous coasters. Pouring was an escape of all the noise and blocking out the rest of the world which I found very therapeutic.


I started creating resin coasters which I love the most and of course at the beginning they weren't always gorgeous 😂 Calculating the right ratio to make sure the resin will be solid enough was a learning curve, however the most nerve wracking was to control the flow of the colours while creating different samples.
If you'd like to see the work I create now, click on the images in this blog:

I always had a vision, I knew what the outcome needs to be like, but as I was self-taught it took a little bit of hard work until figured out the right technique to pour resin, but my passion was growing day by day. Now there is a lot more information online that can help you learn to resin quicker making less mistakes along the way.

I've recently got to the point where I am trying to make a living from it and hoping to go full time shortly as well continue my passion for creating with resin. For the future I am considering combining wood with resin and perhaps creating furniture projects, which I'm really excited about.

If I can learn the art of creating with resin then I know anyone can, you just need to have the patience to learn, know that you will make mistakes along the way, but that you will master the art of resin if you just keep going!

If you'd like to follow me Instagram  you can find me and check out my little shop on Etsy DuendeByOrshy.

Thank you for your support 🙏 and I hope you will like my products and be inspired by my resin creations!

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