Nadia Qureshi, Resin Artist - @nis_acollection

Nadia Qureshi, Resin Artist - @nis_acollection

My name is Nadia Qureshi & I have graduated in Fashion & Textile designing. I belong to 3 beautiful children who call me by the name “mum”.  



As you move through this blog please click on the images to see my creations in more detail through my Instagram page, if you have any questions about any of them please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
March 2022 was the year I took a keen interest in making special and meaningful products using Epoxy Resin - as I love working with different colours & texture.
As life got busy being a mother & wife, I didn’t take time out for myself. However, in my spare time I had been researching into resin. The more I researched the more I decided that resin was something I developed a keen interest in. This was something I wanted to do for myself and showcase my skills to others.


I started off by purchasing a small starter kit from Amazon. I made alphabet keyrings, jewellery & coasters using this kit which made me even eager to pursue and create more projects. Using the epoxy resin wasn’t as difficult I deemed it would be, instead the results were absolutely outstanding. Seeing this, made me drive for better results & I created an account on Instagram as nis_acollection.


I then moved onto bigger projects like making canvas’s and geode canvas’s as well as giving them a personal touch just to make it a little bit extra special. Having a fashion/art background it was so easy for me to get lost into each & every project of mine I created.
This made my interest for resin even more special knowing I can create special and unique gifts.


By the end of 2022, having had such an amazing year creating these projects – I was contacted by Craft Resin ! As I had not used their resin before, Craft Resin kindly sent me some out by post to try. When I used the resin the results absolutely blew me away. The finish on my projects was not only clear but had a wonderful shine. Craft Resin isn’t only easy to use but I didn’t had to struggle with the bubbles. When mixing, minimum bubbles formed – again WOW!


This was my first ever collaboration with Craft Resin & I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity they gave me to use their resin. I was definitely not disappointed. I am looking forward to creating more wonderful and beautiful creations using Craft Resin.


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