Laura Cross, Resin Artist -

Laura Cross, Resin Artist -

Hi everyone, my name is Laura and I own the resin brand


I first experimented with resin back when I was in college and university along with lots of other mediums. After I finished university I wanted to travel so I got a job as an air hostess working for Emirates airline where I lived in Dubai for 6 and a half years and travelled around the world from there. I focused on painting alongside travelling but in September 2020 I attended a resin workshop in Dubai and rediscovered my love for resin.



In October 2020 I moved back to the UK and continued using resin and making resin gifts for family and friends. I posted images of them to my Instagram page and then I had so much interest off people wanting to purchase my resin creations so that’s when I decided to start up my own resin business.



Initially I found resin quite nerve wracking to work with as I seemed to be making quite a few mistakes which was initially very frustrating. I found I was having to remake lots of items due to problems that occurred. After a few months I decided to have a break from resin for about 2 months and I wasn’t sure whether to continue with it or not. In the end, I decided to do lots of research and watched many online tutorials. I also discovered craft resin which helped me so much as I noticed lots of problems with previous resins I was using. Craft resin makes life so much easier and it made me love using resin again. The more I create the more I learn and I’m continuing to become more and more confident with resin. My passion and love for resin has also continued to grow. 



I was initially working from home which became challenging as the space was limited and I had lots of distractions. I soon decided that I would need to expand in order to develop so I decided to rent a studio to work from where I have enough space to have all of my equipment out and the room to create freely. It also allows me to be a lot more organised and I like that I have somewhere to go to work and then I get to go home at the end of the day, although I do find I’m there until 7/8pm most nights as I am addicted to my studio 😅



Resin has made me more relaxed and flexible when creating as you can’t always control the resin and you have to trust the process. I’ve learnt that not everything turns out how you want it or expect it to and that is one of the many joys of working with resin. At the minute I focus mainly on making resin coasters which I love but I have also recently started to create resin art in 3D frames and incorporating my own digital drawings into them also which I have never seen before. I want to continue with resin wall art and hopefully become more confident and able to create larger artworks in the near future. I think there are just so many opportunities with resin and the list of things to create are endless! I get excited to use resin everyday and I love learning new techniques and constantly improving.



I have recently been receiving lots of positive private messages on Instagram too which really makes me feel proud of how far I have came. I also get asked lots of questions about resin and I love being able to share my knowledge with people and hopefully it helps them when creating with resin. I’m so excited to see what my resin future holds.


Laura x

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