Julie White, Artist from the UK

Julie White, Artist from the UK
I'm Julie, the owner of KodlaCreations on Etsy. I live in Nottingham with my housemate, and our two cats, Twiglet and Pringle. 
I used to work in a cytology lab, but had to give up work a few years ago, due to ill health. I started to make items with the 3D printer my dad left me, when he passed away in 2017, and this lead to wanting to create moulds from some of my makes. I thought they would look great in resin. I played about for a while, then discovered Craft Resin, and that was a total game changer. I read everything I could, studied how and why things work (you can take the scientist out of the lab!), and slowly built up my shop. Everything from jewellery, to paperweights.
I suffer from migraines, so I was apprehensive about working with resin, but reading up on Craft Resin it seemed like it wouldn't give me more problems. Luckily I was right, the slightest thing sets my pain off, but not Craft Resin thanks to it having virtually no odour. I'm still learning, still laying awake in bed at night, planning new things to make…and I'm loving every second. Excited where the future will take me. 
Julie WhiteJulie WhiteJulie White

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