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How To Stop Your Mindset Negatively Affecting Your Resin Work

How To Stop Your Mindset Negatively Affecting Your Resin Work

We are going to be going deep into this subject today, the reason, because your mindset has an affect on every single area of your life, including your resin work.


Did you know that our outer world actions follow our inner world beliefs 🤯


For example if we believe we’re not creative, we won’t create, if we believe we’re not good at anything, anything we do we’ll think we're rubbish at so we won't try new things!



Our minds are like a computer, we’ve been programmed over our lifetimes to essentially do what we do, to think how we think, to act how we act, to choose how we choose. 


Most of our lives are run by our subconscious programming, we don’t even know half the time why we do what we do! It’s kind of like we’re running on autopilot.


In fact 95% of our brain activity is subconscious, these include habits and patterns of behaviour, automatic body functions, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values.



So what has this got to do with the world of resin?


Great question - It has everything to do with the world of resin. Read on to the end to find out how, and how to hack some of your subconscious thoughts and behaviours to make you excel in the world of resin and life!


If you have ever thought about creating with resin, this will be because your actions and habits have drawn you towards gaining an awareness about resin. 


You’re sat there one evening, doing what you always do, scrolling through social media, not even really paying attention, or so you think, when your eye catches something incredible looking - So you click on it.


And up pops some resin art, wow you think, that looks amazing, what’s it made from?


Resin! Eh?


Google - what’s resin?




In polymer chemistry and materials science, resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers. Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds. Plants secrete resins for their protective benefits in response to injury. Wikipedia




Google - What is resin used for?


What is a resins purpose? It is commonly used for making durable castings, arts and crafts, flooring, countertops, and more. Resin can be used to make plastics, and it is an excellent adhesive. 6 Dec 2020


Oh ok.


Back to social media, types in resin, looses the next 5 hours of their life stuck in a beautiful, colourful, scroll hole!


Ends up taking you to YouTube videos showcasing how you too can use resin to make lots of beautiful items.


Click on the Ambassador link below the video, resin is on it’s way to you!


How many of you have done the above? Don’t be shy, put your hands up.



We know this is how lots of people learn about resin and how it sparks their curiosity. If you had never formed the unconscious habit of scrolling through social media on the evenings, would you have even found out about resin? Maybe not.


BTW, we’re not encouraging you all to waste your time scrolling on social media every evening. There are way better uses of your time, for example creating for social media rather than consuming, but it demonstrated a habit most of us do without even thinking about it.


So for starters you’re here in the first place because of your mindset. Mind blown yet?



Mindset will also play a part in who buys their first set of resin and who actually sticks to it. 


Those of you who get your first kit, don’t follow the instructions to the letter, because your habits that you have unconsciously formed, make you think that you don’t need to read instructions, or follow them.


And then it goes disastrously wrong, and you feel like a failure once again, like everything in your life always makes you feel, because you have been programmed from a young age to feel like a failure and your brain actively looks for ways to reinforce this belief. 


So you don’t follow the instructions, your work doesn’t go right, you’ve failed once again, you never continue on your resin journey, you move onto the next thing you can fail at again.


You repeat this till the end of your time on this earth, or…


You catch yourself doing it, you research mindset and why you do these things, you repeat catching yourself, and re-programme your mind, till one day you have new patterns of behaviour and you pick up resin once again, but this time you research, you read, you join the forums and you try again, and succeed!


This then starts to unwind the years of failure programming, and over time you move to more successful programming practices. 


Which, and here’s the great thing, we can all do!



Every single one of us can change our negative, unproductive programming and habits, to better, positive and more productive programming  and habits - IF we catch ourselves, IF we want to change and IF we put the work in to change.


So if you resonate with any of this, if you’ve tried resin before but stopped, if you’ve tried a specific project but never again after the first attempt, if you’ve ever thought about starting a resin business but not gone for it. Let’s look at why and how we can help your brain flip your mindset around for you.


To flip this around we need to teach you about the habit curve.


There are two types of habits in this world:


Positive - those moving you forward in life/in your resin life


Negative - those stopping you from moving forward in life/your resin life


Both of these start off with small decisions that are driven by your thoughts. In fact the average adult makes around 35,000 conscious decisions each day!


What time should I wake up, what should I have for breakfast, shall I wash my hair, should I resin today or not, what resin project should I create today, what colour should I use in my project, what mold do I want to use, what resin should I buy, this list goes on, and on, and on…


Each tiny decision has certain consequences with it that are both good and bad. Most positive decisions offer no immediate gratification or upside. Whereas most negative decisions offer immediate gratification.


For example:


Positive decision - I’m going to read all of the instructions before I start using resin. This will actually take up time at first, it will require you to not start creating straight away, which is the fun part. Choosing this decision makes your life a little bit more tough at the start.


Negative decision - I’m NOT going to read all of the instructions, I’ve read the first one, I’m ready to start creating with resin, how hard can it be! Saves you all that time at first, you get to go straight in with the creative fun part, woo hoo.


It’s easier to choose the negative decisions in the moment. This goes for everything in life, should I eat a burger or a salad, should I go to the gym or skip the gym, you can see how easy it is to pick the negative decisions.


And at first you won’t even really notice any positive or negatives from these decisions. 


As you start to use resin without reading and following the instructions, you simply pour two parts together of any amount, stir for a short while and then pour and scrape it into a mold. Nothing looks like it’s gone wrong. But then 5 hours later, you notice it’s not curing. 24 hours later, it’s still not cured. You go back to the instructions, skipping past all the how to part, to the length of cure part, it should be cured by now!


This resin is rubbish, contacts resin brand to complain, resin brand offers to help with advise on techniques, I can’t do resin, I’m rubbish, I’m a failure, my Dad was right when he told me off when I was 5 years old, I’ll never be good at anything! Down the negative curve of thoughts we go!


Equally, we could be on the positive curve, we could have read the instructions, followed them to the letter, not just the ones on the box but all of the instructions on the website too, we really did our research! 


We could have measured correctly, mixed correctly, have the temperature perfect, poured like a resin pro - 24 hours later we have the best resin project on the planet! We are a genius, we’re amazing at resin, everyone loves my resin projects, maybe I could start a resin business, 5 years later is out performing @resinbyren a total resin legend!


All because of one tiny decision at the start, which then positively impacted the rest of their resin journey.


And would everything have gone absolutely perfect for them for the rest of their time on earth, no it wouldn’t have, but even when things go wrong, when things seem to be not going your way, you still have the power to choose great decisions that will keep you on that positive curve.


Start today, start looking and taking notice of the decisions you make on a daily basis, write them down if you have to. If it’s on paper you can’t lie to yourself to keep you in your comfort zone!



Our brains are designed to keep us safe, to keep us from doing anything different, that’s not the norm, that might take us towards uncertainty or perceived danger. 


The problem with life these days is that most of the time, the danger isn’t real. We’re not being chased down the street by a sabre tooth tiger, we’re considering creating with resin, or trying a new project, or starting a resin business - we’re not going to get eaten!


We might struggle, we might have failures (or as we like to call them learning curves) along the way, the worst case scenario when you think about it really isn’t that bad - it’s not life or death.



If you give creating with resin a try, your first project might not turn out as great as you’d like it to, but then when you push through that uncomfortable feeling, and you learn from it, and you try again, you’ll see an improvement. Keep going and you will astound yourself where you’ll be in five years time!


You might start a resin business, and it might take a while to get it off the ground, you might get a customer complain about something once or twice, you might want to cry at times. But starting a resin business could bring your life the passion that it’s lacking stuck in a normal 9-5 job behind a desk. 


In five years time you could be offering people workshops, teaching them how to make incredible resin work like you do, your life could have more purpose because of this!


You see people think that true happiness comes from social status, money and things. But true happiness comes from living a life that’s fulfilled, one that contributes to the world and one that has an amazing community around them. This creates true happiness.


If you have a creative itch in you, you need to itch it! It will fulfil you. If you then share what you learn with others along your resin journey this will contribute to the world. And if you also hang out with other creative people this will give you the community to be a part of.


This is why creating with resin makes people happy!



Albert Einstein once said - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


If you are experiencing any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions when it comes to creating with resin or starting or working your resin business these are signs that something needs to change.


Habits come first, change your habits, change your life. The habits you do, create the patterns and programming for your behaviours, which then reinforces the thoughts you think.


If you wait till you feel like starting creating with resin, or wait till you feel ready to start a resin business - you will be waiting a long time!


You need to start, you need to create habits, you need to program your brain to believe that you can do it, before you then feel like you can do it!



If you are sat there reading this, on the edge of starting creating with resin, or starting a new resin project you’ve never done before, or starting your own resin business, but you are telling yourself through your thoughts and your words out loud that you can’t, you’re not good enough, your work isn’t good enough, you haven’t got enough time, you aren’t business minded, you’re not creative, you’re not good at anything - These are just your thoughts, they are not real, the more you say/think them the more you reinforce this, but it’s not real.


Can you physically not do it? Nope, didn’t think so, so therefore you can physically start creating with resin, you can change to do a different project you’ve never done before, you CAN start a resin business!


What if you started reprogramming your thoughts, what if you started thinking thoughts like what if I can start my own resin business. How amazing would my life be if I did start my own resin business. I can start my own resin business. I am starting my own resin business. I can do this. I have what it takes. I am worthy of having my own success.


I can create with resin, I will learn to create with resin, I will practice creating with resin, I will be great at resin, I am great at resin.


How does that sit with you?



Don’t let your thoughts run your life, don’t let your thoughts stop you from doing what you want to do - You are not your thoughts!


You can make good decisions despite your thoughts, you can change your habits, you can change your programming, you are good enough for anything you decide to do in this life - resin included!


Team Craft Resin

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