How To Earn By Collaborating With Our Brand

How To Earn By Collaborating With Our Brand

Owning a resin business and selling your creations can be really tough at times. When you're getting started it can take a long time to start seeing any consistent sales, and even then throughout the year you'll probably see dips in your sales at times. Building a business is like a rollercoaster!


That's why earning extra on the side of your resin business can be a really great idea. When your sales are down, your other earnings could be up.


So in this weeks blog we're covering how to earn additional money alongside your resin businesses. Keep reading if this is of interest to you...



We currently have two options available to earn alongside your resin business:

Through Shopify Collabs.

Through our Influencer Program.


What is Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs is an app that allows you to create a personalised link and code that gives the people you share it with 10% off any order they place with Craft Resin. Your link/code also gives you a 10% commission as a thank you for sharing our versatile Craft Resin Products.


So, when someone buys a 4 Litre Kit through your link, they would get £10.99 off the price of their kit you would get £10.99 paid in cash to your PayPal account, within days!


With your link/code you can share it as many times as you would like to, in as many places and ways that you'd like to share it. Maybe you'd like to include it in your Instagram Bio. Maybe you'd like to share your link/code along with some of your resin project posts. You could put the link below a YouTube video on a resin tutorial you've shared. 


The more you share your link, the more chance you have that someone will see it who wants to purchase resin.


If you're not already a part of our Shopify Collabs platform then you can join through the links below, it's completely free to join. Create a link/code in your market, or create one in each of the markets we are in, you never know your audience on social media could be in that market and could be looking for resin:

UK Collabs

US Collabs

EU Collabs


Once you have joined and been accepted, log back into your accounts via the links above, scroll down and manually add your PayPal email to your accounts. Once someone buys through your link/code the payment will then be processed within a matter of days.


We have a guide below that shares where you can share your links/code, click on the image to read the guide:



Craft Resin Influencer Campaign:


The second way you can earn additional money with our brand is through our new Influencer Campaign.


Before we dive into what this campaign is about, we can only currently offer this to select artists who get a reach/views on their social media reels/short videos of over 10,000. If you don't currently reach this mark with your content, check out the Collabs option above.


As you've probably already guessed by the last paragraph this campaign is centred around reels and short videos, we're looking for artists with a high calibre of work and content creation to share short videos to their social media platforms, cross channel promoting where possible. 


The videos will showcase their creations made using our brands resin, and must tag Craft Resin in the posts. We are asking for a certain commitment each month, and the campaign will roll on after the first month if commitments are being met and the artist is enjoying working with us in this way.


In return for creating and sharing content showing our crystal clear epoxy resin we are sending the artist resin and mica powders, a special discount for Craft Resin products should they need more and payments if a certain reach is met from their content.


If you are interested in becoming one of our Influencers, please reach out to our team through one of our social media channels or through our website contact form. If contacting us through the website please provide links to your social media channels so that we can check you are hitting the requirements.


We look forward to working with you and helping you build up your earnings alongside your resin business.


Topic Of The Week Giveaway:


We have attached a giveaway to these Topic Of The Week announcements on our Instagram platform, this is helping us to spread the knowledge of how to use epoxy resin further, but also enabling anyone who helps us share this information to win free resin and mica powders.



To enter the weekly giveaway please see the latest post pinned to the top of our Instagram feed and follow the instructions to enter:



Team Craft Resin

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