Although epoxy resin can be a difficult medium to enter, we will do all our power to ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Creating things using epoxy resin is an artistic endeavor, and creative endeavors are supposed to be fun to participate in.


If your confidence may use a boost when working with Craft Resin, continue reading for some of our greatest tips on improving your confidence and getting better results from your efforts.



Tips on using A Resin


1. Check that you have read and comprehended the following directions:


This may seem like stating the obvious, but every day we see multiple mistakes made in using our versatile Craft Resin products that might have been prevented if the basic instructions were followed. This is something that we see every day.


Every Craft Resin kit we offer for sale has a step-by-step instruction manual that walks you through the foundations of working with resin.


On our website, you may also find digital copies of these things:


How To Use Craft Resin Low Viscosity


How To Use Craft Resin Deep Pour


You should have read the instructions for your product because the two forms of our resin demand are somewhat different methods. Please do not rely on past instructions from other companies since our resin will function differently than other brands. Our products may not work as intended if you follow their instructions for utilizing them.



2. There's no such thing as perfect without effort: 


There is always a danger that your first few tasks will go differently than planned, even if you've mastered the basics. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." In the early stages of your artistic career, you will spend a lot of time trying new techniques and perfecting your color palette and pattern layout. This is a universal step in the creative process.


Every resin artist, even the ones whose work you've been admiring online because it's the most exquisite stuff ever, had to start somewhere, and if you went into it with that understanding, you would be fine.


Spend your time and effort having fun, exploring options, and discovering what you can create. Amazing things can be made with just a few drops of resin.



 3. Get adept with any of the materials that are accessible to you:


You can master various techniques thanks to the abundant resources available for most resin lines. After you have mastered the foundations and gained some practical experience, the next step in your education should be to learn more complex methods and extend your resin repertory.


You can discover a broad selection of useful information in our website's section titled "Resources." Our YouTube channel receives new films with educational content updated at least twice every week. In addition, regarding our classes that are hosted on the web. Click on the following links to have access to the following resources:



After devoting some time to gaining knowledge from these sources and applying the strategies you learned, your level of assurance will greatly increase while you work with craft resin.



4. Join the online community and be an active member:


One way to gain confidence while dealing with epoxy resin and hardener is to join a community, and you've found the best one yet!


Craft Resin Facebook Community Group


Several years ago, it would be beneficial for artists who dealt with epoxy resin to meet together and form a community where they could discuss their practices, offer advice, and motivate each other. Throughout their career, the band has never failed to astonish us. Because its members are so generous and supportive of one another and other musicians, many lasting friendships have developed as a direct result of this behavior.


Making something from scratch may be a lonely and upsetting process for the person doing it. Connecting with people who can empathize with what you're going through and serve as a source of motivation for you can help you feel less isolated and irritated.


Your self-assurance will grow as your skills and ability as a resin artist develop, owing to the vast amount of information provided regularly. In addition, you never know when you'll find yourself assisting the group's newer members by providing them with useful nuggets.



5. Ask fellow creatives for individual feedback:


Once you've been a part of the community and have been doing work for a while, you'll begin to form beautiful connections with other artists. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to build confidence with resin is to develop relationships with other artists.


When you're doing well, your friends are there to celebrate with you, and when you're going through a bad patch, they'll help you get back on your feet. Building relationships with other resin artists is helpful because you may learn from each other's experiences and expertise, which can improve your talents and confidence.


Most artists with whom we work and share ideas are not, and should not be, in direct competition with one another. This should not be the case under any circumstances. There is more than enough demand in the market to meet everyone's demands, even if the two of you start businesses dealing with resin. Therefore, become friends, encourage and support one another, share information, collaborate online and in person, and create something together; you'll feel more confident in no time and have a blast with your newfound pals.


We hope you've found this week's post helpful; if you have any more tips for getting used to working with epoxy resin, please share them with us in the comments.


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