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Gifting Craft Resin & Creativity This Christmas:

Gifting Craft Resin & Creativity This Christmas:

One of the best gifts that you can give to someone this Christmas is the gift of getting creative.



Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin is a gift that doesn’t just sit on someone's bathroom shelf collecting dust, it doesn’t get put into a cupboard never to be used again, it’s a gift that someone gets and wants to open and use straight away!


You see the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones aren’t gifts of things, the greatest gifts you can give loved ones are gifts that give people experiences, that give them a purpose and unleashes their creativity.


It’s so easy to give the gift of Craft Resin this Christmas, you can simply visit our website and purchase one of our kits, wrap it up, place it under the tree and there you go all done.


Or purchase a Gift Card, which then gets sent to you electronically which you can print out and then add to a Christmas card to gift someone the choice of what resin they purchase with us.



Great gift for people who already use resin:


This would be a great idea for someone who has been using resin for a while and know the amount they need and use, they can then use the gift card to purchase this fully, or use the gift card to purchase towards part of it if it’s one of our larger more expensive kits.


If someone has been using resin for a while already then this will be all you’ll need to gift them, they already have the extra items they need to get creating, they already know the techniques to use to make the resin work, they’re all set.



Great add ons to gift/advise to anyone new to resin:


With anyone who is new to using resin you might want to give them their resin/gift card along with some other items/advice.


Starting off with resin requires various other items than just an epoxy resin kit. You can also gift them other items that they’ll need, or point them in the direction of the items they’ll need so they can take a look and buy these themselves.


Visit one of our other Blogs which is called The Basic Kit/Equipment You Will Need To Work With Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin, to find out some of the other items you’ll need to work with resin.


Lots of these items can be purchased from places like Amazon, and so you could also get them an Amazon gift card alongside their resin kit, which they can then use towards other items they’ll need. Other brands are available to purchase resin equipment from, a quick Google will usually bring options up for you.


Along with kit, they will also need to know how to use resin. Every resin brands epoxy resin is formulated differently and therefore every brands how to use guidance is slightly different. Normally, and in our kits, there is very basic guidance on the side of resin packages, and also inside if you have our larger kits in a handy booklet.


But we also have lots of guidance on our website too. Again in the Blog section you’ll find articles like How To Use Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin, or in the Learn section our Recommended Technique.


If you’d like to print off a guide to where they can find this guidance, please click on the image below. This can also be placed in their Christmas card along with their gift certificate, or added into the wrapping of your Craft Resin kit:



In this guidance you’ll also find a link to Craft Resin Courses, this is our new platform which houses resin courses that have been created by resin experts. If your loved one is new to resin, then these might be of use for them to learn the best techniques from the start.


When you gift someone epoxy resin this Christmas and you add in this support for them too, you know they will enjoy their gift even more and get the maximum use out of their resin too.


Resin doesn’t have to be hard, it can be very simple when the techniques are followed and this will give them every chance of their projects going well and their enjoyment factor being through the roof!


Purchase your resin kit or gift cards today and be prepared to get the biggest thank you once they are opened!


Team Craft Resin

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