Georgina, Resin Artist - @ResinCreationsByG 

Georgina, Resin Artist - @ResinCreationsByG 

Hi everyone, my name is Georgina and I’m an actor and drama/musical theatre coach as well as owning @resincreationsbyg.


Resin art and acting work well alongside each other as i’m often working from home for my acting which means I can manage my time wisely and balance both interests. However like with most things, there are obstacles. Going on tour for weeks or even months at a time often means that I have to put my resin business on hold. I do try to make some pieces of resin in advance so my family can package, post or deliver the resin creations for me while I’m away. 


I’m lucky to have such supportive people around me. I also allow my customers time to get their orders in so I can fulfil them before closing my shop for a period of time. People are very respectful and supportive over this.  



I got into the world of resin when I bought myself a resin keyring from a small business and thought it was super cute. I then entered a giveaway from another resin artist and won a resin piece. Out of curiosity, I started looking online for advice on how to make resin creations and also watched a lot of tutorials.  Knowing resin art was something I was thinking of trying, my family then gave me money for Christmas 2020 so I could buy a kit and have a go. Just over a year later I’ve got a business and my creations are all over the U.K! 


My first resin creations weren’t great at all - I still have them stored away. I had troubles with curing and also ended up with super thin coasters. In general, I was unsure on what to do but I learnt a lot from my mistakes, watched a lot of online tutorials from Resin Artists and kept trying. It didn’t take long for me to stop making mistakes and begin to be happy with my creations. From then on, I just kept investing into more colours, moulds, glitters, dried flowers and became much more confident with trying new things. I then started getting compliments on my work which made me realise that I was creating some nice pieces. 



I love creating trinket trays as they are big enough to have lots of freedom with designs. I’ve made marble ones, ones with silver / gold flakes, floral ones, clear ones, floral ones with a coloured base - I can be super creative. I’ve also recently started creating pocket hugs which have been very popular. I love creating these are they’re only tiny, but they’re a lovely little gift to give to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them. 


However, the most rewarding creation I’ve made was a personalised bookmark with dog hair in which is shown below, it was made in memory of a dog which sadly passed away.  



When I started creating resin as a hobby, I never thought I’d end up having my own business and making resin to sell. I enjoyed making resin and posting my pieces online. This then attracted an audience and people showed an interest in buying my creations. It was very spontaneous. My business is nearly a year old and my customers are still mainly family, friends and friends of friends but it’s manageable for me and I’m more than happy!  


I am a Brand Ambassador with Craft Resin as I’ve always used there Resin and I really like it. Being a brand ambassador allowed me to join the referral programme and get commission when my friends buy resin through my specific link. I haven’t managed to benefit lots from this as, because I’m still a small business, not many people have used my link, but it’s always fab when they do! 


I have only ever used Craft Resin as my Resin supplier as I think it’s great and wouldn’t even think about trying another Resin brand. I have been sent some Craft Resin resin and hardener before to promote on my social media profiles which was a lovely surprise and definitely a bonus to being a Brand Ambassador. I feel involved with the Resin community through the social media groups and really love getting inspiration and ideas from other Resin artists.  



I’m just super happy to have the experience of starting something as a hobby and growing to the outcome of owning a business. It’s so lovely that people want to own something you’ve made because they appreciate your work. I’m excited to keep creating, trying new things and growing as a business and a resin artist.


If I can do this, so can you!



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