Diana Obniski, artist from US

Diana Obniski, artist from US
I am a self-taught epoxy resin artist. I started with acrylics and oils at a young age and attended art classes my mother (who is also an artist) had enrolled me in. As I grew older, I also grew out of these traditional methods of art. I searched online for artwork that inspired me, when one night, I came across a resin artist that left me in complete awe. I searched everywhere for tutorials - Youtube, blogs, and even emailed several artists to no prevail. Not many people were willing to share their knowledge of this art from. This did not stop me, I put myself to work and through trial and error, I taught myself how to create epoxy resin art. Today I use healing crystals in my work which I believe are known to carry energy that enhance awareness, reduce stress, aid in relaxation and purify from any negativity. Because it was a such a long journey for me to get here, I realize there are many resin artists starting in their discovery of this art form. I had always wished someone would help guide me, and to the few that did, I am very grateful. That is why I started my own YouTube channel. I create, share, and teach resin art for free for anyone who is just as enchanted in the art form as I am.

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