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Cleaning Up When Using Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin:

Cleaning Up When Using Craft Resin’s Epoxy Resin:

Epoxy resin can be a very difficult substance to clean up, especially if you have had any spillages on say a carpet for example. It’s a very sticky substance and will easily stick and cure to lots of surfaces, meaning that the key to cleaning up epoxy resin is mainly in the prevention of spillages and in the preparation that you do around your work area.



Cleaning epoxy resin from yourself:


Try not to get epoxy resin on your skin, always wear gloves, the disposable gloves that come with our kits are ideal, and wear a plastic apron to protect your body and clothing too. Roll long sleeves up and also tie hair back when working with epoxy resin.


If epoxy resin gets on your hair, it may be able to be removed with hot soapy water, however depending on the location and quantity it may have to be cut out, so tie hair back to avoid this altogether.


If you get Craft Resin in your eyes immediately flush with water repeatedly for 15 minutes and do not rub. Then speak medical attention straight away. You may want to wear protective glasses while working with Craft Resin to avoid this happening.


Cleaning epoxy resin around you:


Craft Resin won’t stick to plastic, so we recommend using reusable plastic tools and measuring devices such as silicone measuring jugs, which can easily be cleaned with hot soapy water.


Plastic tools that have been used for the resin mix of resin and hardener, can usually be lefts for the resin mix to cure and then easily removed once dry and hard. And then wiped off with a paper towel before washing with hot soapy water. Just make sure that no soapy residue is left on them and that before you resume them all moisture is removed and the item are completely dry.


When working with epoxy resin we would advise you to cover the area around where you are working with plastic sheeting. Material sheeting will allow the epoxy resin to seep through, but plastic will stop it and is easily cleaned. This will then protect any carpeted areas or furniture from getting epoxy resin on o start with. Prevention is always better than trying to get expos resin out of your carpet, which is nearly impossible.


Cleaning brushes is best done while the resin is still in liquid form, this can be done by using soap and hot water again. If the resin mix does harden on them, sometimes this can be removed by bending the bristles and snapping the resin off, however this isn’t always possible and you can end up damaging the brush.


Keeping cured resin projects clean is very simple, either using a damp soft cloth, or a gentle glass cleaner simply polish as you normally would glass. Sometimes all they do need is a dusting over with a dry cloth to keep them looking pristine.


Please don’t pour left over epoxy resin down the drains, this will harden further down and can lead to blockages. Instead wipe off any excess resin with paper towels and place in the general waste bin for disposal.


All older pots of Craft Resin will need disposing of in the general waste too, we haven’t yet been able to package them in recyclable packaging and if any epoxy resin is still on them this wouldn’t be able to be recycled anyway. 


We will keep looking into our packaging as we continue as a company and will keep looking for more sustainable packaging over time. If this guidance does change because we have been able to make our packaging more sustainable, we will update this information.


Team Craft Resin

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