Chrissy, Resin Artist & Craft Resin Ambassador Manager - @standtogetheruk

Chrissy, Resin Artist & Craft Resin Ambassador Manager - @standtogetheruk

Hey! I'm Chrissy, and my resin business is called StandTogetherUK.


I fell into the resin world kind of by accident! A few years ago, I was really struggling with my health, which meant that I could no longer work in the job I loved. At the time I was having seizures almost every day, and this led to my hands being very shaky and twitchy. I found that when I tried to write things down, I had to really concentrate but it helped to steady my hands and give me something to focus on. So I started to teach myself calligraphy. A friend suggested to me that I sell my cards that I made. I had no self belief and it took some convincing, but eventually I did. I took that step, albeit scary, and launched @StandTogetherUK



As I got better health wise, I taught myself more skills. I went into wood burning, painting, and then I discovered the amazing world of resin. Wow. My mind was blown and I felt like a mad scientist wanting to immediately try every technique and make anything and everything that I could think of! Of course, there were many mistakes along the way, but with each messed up piece of art, came a valuable lesson that would only make my next piece better. 


The name of StandTogetherUK comes from the message that through difficult times, if you have the right people standing with you, you can get through anything. It's also a reminder to always check in with those you love, to stand with people and believe in others on days they cannot believe in themselves. I believe there is so much power when we choose to Stand Together!



The biggest obstacle I faced when setting up my resin business was simply believing in myself. I allowed self doubt to get in the way and constantly questioned every decision I made. However, because I have such a passion and love for creating, that's what fueled me to grow, and it was through that, that I started to really believe in myself. The more I believed in myself and spoke positively over my business journey, the more success I saw. If you constantly tell yourself you can't do something, guess what? You'll only ever hold yourself back.


Choose to start believing in yourself and see what can happen! 



I am also a brand ambassador for Craft Resin which is super exciting! This means that I can share my personalised link ,and anyone that buys through that link gets a discount PLUS I get a commission from their order! I have found this super helpful alongside my resin business as its that extra little bit of income which always helps when you are self employed! It's so exciting when you get that notification that someone has bought through your link and to see how much you've earned from that! 



I now get to make videos sharing the skills I have learned with resin along the way. We have launched the Craft Resin youtube channel which I make weekly videos for! I am so excited to grow together and create more! 


My advice to other resin artists would be do not be afraid to try something new, you never know where it may lead! 


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