About Us

Great things are not done by impulse but a series of small things brought together. Step by step we’re improving Craft Resin and creating an ultimate epoxy resin. Our goal is to connect consumers with ultimate epoxy resin like never before. Hence we’ve carefully arrived at our ingenious techniques and product formulation to bring you the results that you can be proud of. Always know that with our product your art is guaranteed to stay intact and new for many years to come.

Mont Blanc 4810 m

At Craft Resin we pride in the remarkably unique results that our epoxy resin can bring to you. The giant strides of the fast-rising Craft Resin company are firstly a collaborative work of Sergio Hotin and Gor Kartel who put their many years of experience into building a brand that works for you.

Now in view of our commitment to excellence at all times, we’ve also developed a top-notch service delivery framework that would holistically complement our company’s ingenious product. All Craft Resin products come with a trademark and if you’re looking for that top grade fumeless odorless and non-toxic epoxy then we welcome you to the Craft Resin™ Store.