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What To Do If You Encounter Issues When Creating Your Epoxy Resin Project?

What To Do If You Encounter Issues When Creating Your Epoxy Resin Project?

When you are creating with epoxy resin, different issues can occur, it is a good idea to do your research before you begin creating to avoid these issues occuring in the first place, if you can.


If issues do arise then we have lots of guidance available to you in our Blog and learn sections on our website, simply use the search bar to find the issue that you need to understand more about or that you'd like to rectify:





Some issues can be fixed and sometimes your resin project can be saved, so try not to worry too much if issues do occur, fixing them is all part of the learning process.



A lot of issues that do occur are related to temperature issues, so as a first port of call we would advise you to check that your work area is kept between the consistent temperature of 21-24C or 70-75F. The temperature needs to be between these whilst working on your project and also during the curing phase.


Temperature can cause issues like your resin project not curing, curing too fast and flash curing, curing with imperfections like amine blushing, or even ripples or an orange peel kind of effect forming on your work. If you notice any of these occurring head to the learn section and search temperature to find out what has gone slightly wrong during the creative process and how to then fix them.



Some issues can occur because the resin/hardener is too cold when you first mix it together, if you notice that your resin/hardener is cloudy looking, then this means it is too cold and needs warming up before using. Search cloudy in the learn or blog section to find more guidance on warming your resin/hardener up.


Lines or streaks can occur in your work when you haven't mixed the resin/hardener quickly enough, or when you've taken slightly too long to pour the resin mix once mixed. It could also be due to a kink in your mold or surface you're pouring the resin onto. Search lines and streaks if you'd like to learn more about these.


If your project cures unevenly, then this could mean that the surface the mold was on or the mold itself wasn't level. Craft resin self levels, so it moves with the surface area and cures in the position it is sat in. You can read more about this by searching uneven coat.


If your project has repelled the resin in any areas, this could be down to oils/wet areas, these will cause the area to repel the resin mix and it won't settle or cure on that area. Search repelled to find out how to fix this issue.



Epoxy resin does take practice, different projects require different techniques, different brands of resin require different techniques, and when you add things to the resin you might need to tweek techniques too.


Making mistakes with your techniques while working with epoxy resin does not make you a bad resin artist, it just means that you need to learn more about the project you are creating, even the top resin artists that you see on instagram with thousands of followers, creating the most incredible resin projects made mistakes, and they still do. 


We do have lots more how to information on our new YouTube channel. These handy videos that are being released weekly cover lots of different topics related to resin, and over time there will be every technique and issue that can occur explained. Head to our YouTube channel to learn more:


Craft Resin YouTube



We also created our Craft Resin Facebook Community group so that there was a safe space to share, learn and educate between members on all things related to creating with epoxy resin. Members are actively encouraged to help and support each other, and questions are always welcomed in the group and anyone with experience in that area will answer them to help others members out with any issues that occur in their projects. If you haven't already joined our group you can through the link below:


Craft Resin Facebook Community Group



Working with epoxy resin is a creative process, sometimes the best creations come from the mistakes we make as artists, so have fun and enjoy the process!


If you ever feel like you need any extra advice on your projects or any issues that occur, our team is available to talk through what may be happening and help you with techniques that can fix the issues. Please don't hesitate to send us a message through our website contact form if you have any queries.


Team Craft Resin

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