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We know that many resin artists rely significantly on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc., to advertise their products and services to a wide audience. Since advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn doesn't have to cost you a fortune, they might be quite valuable in this regard.


You're becoming better at painting with clear epoxy for craft every day, and as a bonus, you're also learning the ins and outs of marketing. As for marketing, I'm willing to bet that most of you have educated yourselves.


Because of this, we've made it our mission to assist you in optimizing your social media marketing for resin goods in 2019 so that you may carry over what you've learned into your plan for 2023 and beyond.



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Let's go back to looking into today's recommendation...


Engage in the direct gaze:


When trying to gain a customer's trust, it's always a good idea to put a face to the name.


When we visit an artist's profile or feed for their resin company, it continues to baffle us that we can't find any indication of the artist's name anywhere on the site or in the feed. Just imagine the potential business you may have lost if that individual didn't know your identity and thus didn't reach out to you about collaborating on a project.


So, at the absolute least, give some kind of name or alias in the bio.


Not very forward-thinking; the next step is putting on a show. One of the first steps towards building trust is when someone recognizes your name, but seeing your face goes well beyond that.


Get the word out about your resin company by routinely sharing images and videos of yourself at local events, working at your resin table, and showcasing your latest creations. These are only examples; your creativity is encouraged. If you take a lot of pictures when you're feeling upbeat, you can end up with a sizable photo archive.


Putting on a filter, even a subtle one (so long as it's not a cat/dog filter and you don't have those stupid ears on your head), is preferable to not submitting a photo at all if you're not comfortable with your appearance.


If you want your face to seem its best in photographs, it's also crucial that the area be well-lit.


We understand it; standing in front of a bright light with your face in the centre of the beam may give you the impression that every imperfection in your skin is amplified tenfold. Still, the impact is the reverse of what you would expect it to have. When the light is coming from above or behind you, it can exaggerate any defects in your look while also diminishing the overall appeal of the photograph. Instead, you could try taking a photo of yourself by resting your phone on a windowsill and standing in front of it with the camera facing the light; you will be astonished by how great your skin seems in the image.


An additionally available choice in this regard is using a Ring Light. If you invest in them, not only will you be able to take better images of yourself and your work without distracting shadows, but your skin will also thank you for it (even though the products do not need to be particularly expensive).



Second, share useful information with your readers:


Provide others with the benefit of your expertise by discussing the best resin to use, the best molds to use, the best procedures for working with resin, and the best ways to add color and pattern to your creations based on your own experience. Actually, the list could continue on and on.


The two main benefits that come from this are:


A - When people realize how much time, effort, money, talent, and passion you put into crafting your works, they will appreciate them more and view you as an expert in contrast to the other resin artists jostling for attention on the internet. A seasoned expert in resin casting with epoxy resin & hardener set crystal clear is a better choice to do business with than someone who looks to be doing it as a hobby.


B - This can make it easier for you to achieve brand ambassadorships with your suppliers, resulting in free goods, monetary recompense, and higher visibility for your channel when larger firms promote your content to their own audiences.

It is becoming increasingly common for artists to incorporate instructional material into the posts and videos they share on social media platforms; as a result, those that do so see a sizeable expansion in their audience. Epoxy resin is frequently used in the work of the artists with whom we engage, and this is one of how we contribute to our companies' success.


You probably haven't been sharing articles like this one because you're concerned that doing so might increase the number of people who "compete" with you in the market for resin.


This line of reasoning is typical of someone with a scarcity perspective; you could worry that there won't be enough money to go around if you introduce more people to resin, but in fact, we've found the opposite to be true.


It's true that when you tell people what you've learned, some of them may try resin, enjoy it, and maybe even start their own businesses as a direct result of hearing your advice. Yet, on November 15th, 2022, the global population hit 8 billion. What percentage of the world's estimated 8 billion people have ever worked with epoxy resin or mica powder in a creative project?


In other words, how many of Instagram's 1.386 billion active users each month will really see your posts? That is to say, if your service is reliable, you won't go out of business.


Realizing the size of your potential customer base will help you overcome any lingering doubts about your ability to succeed.


Because of your inherent fear of public ridicule, I am curious about what else you have been keeping quiet about regarding your resin company.


Avoiding social media activities like publishing, conversing, and connecting with your audience out of fear of rejection can limit your online visibility.

To discover the people who will buy your products, you need to expand your social media presence and engage more people. You can't expect everyone to attempt working with resin just because you showed them how, and you can't expect everyone to buy your products just because you showed them they exist.



Third-: Engage with your target market by:


It is not enough to have a social media presence and produce content there if you want people to take notice of your brand and, eventually, buy your wares. It's crucial to engage with your intended audience.


There will be a good reaction when you provide material and actively engage with your audience. The whole fabric of social media is built on the reciprocal nature of user engagement; the wider the audience for your posts, the greater the likelihood that others will view them.


Create engaging content by beginning your posts with attention-grabbing headers...


Do you really think that?


Who here is curious as to how I managed to pull this off?


As much as I'd like to decide, I simply can't.


All of the aforementioned alternatives are tried and true methods of capturing attention and keeping it, so they are all excellent choices. Don't forget to conclude your essay with a call to action after you've provided substantial detail on the topic that has them reading on.

  • If you don't mind sharing, which colour do you find most pleasing? Please feel free to leave your comments below.
  • What would you put into this resin jar if you had it? Do you have something to say?
  • I was curious whether you had ever worked with epoxy resin. Shoot me a message, and I'll fill you in.
  • Please share your thoughts in the comments section if you are considering trying resin.
  • If I had to guess, I'd say you're the only person I know who uses epoxy resin to make art.


It's OK to encourage others to check out the link in my bio and buy this masterpiece, etc. Unfortunately, this won't boost engagement, so fewer people will see your post. This means fewer people will be interested in purchasing the position.

Instead of trying to sell people on the spot in your post, use a compelling CTA and then share the post and your works on your tales with a buy CTA. You can even use the link feature to bring people straight to your online store.

Remember to reply to all your readers who take the time to comment on your posts. Set aside time daily to review your direct messages and answer as necessary.

Asking questions to kick off a discussion is a great way to get people talking and build rapport with your audience.



Fourth: Engage in collaborative efforts and networking with other creatives:


Join a community of individuals who also enjoy working with resin; from there, you may expand your network and collaborate on projects. Work together with the people you bring together. You may raise your profiles by working on projects or sharing each other's updates on social media.


Again, the worries we mentioned at the post's outset could cause some people to avoid collaborating. Can I expect any competition from them as a result of our collaboration and the exposure of their audience to my work?


You've proven that artists have several different properties. Each individual shopper has particular preferences and expectations about the final goods they purchase. The combination of your increased visibility and your followers' goodwill may result from a collaboration with other creatives.


Your customers will be grateful for your cooperative nature and the ease with which they can locate you.


Anyone who could afford to would gladly buy from such a skilled craftsman.


As well as the obvious business benefits, collaborating with other creatives provides several personal benefits. If you're a creative type who often works alone, you might find it refreshing to be around other people working on creative projects. Your mutual enthusiasm and drive to perfect your resin skills will inspire one another, and the creative energy you'll share when you come together will propel you forward.


See if you can find a way to connect with another creative person online and enjoy these benefits.



Fifth-: Consider using video:


Videos are a great way to show your projects in action and get people talking about your business. Credibility is vital when persuading an audience, and video helps build that.


Including other artists or companies in your videos or live streams is another great way to build your online profile and gain exposure.


It might be daunting to jump from sharing pictures to uploading videos, and it may take some practice before you get comfortable doing both. Get everything ready for your office broadcast, try to seem more put together than you would in your craft area, and then press the necessary buttons to begin broadcasting and save the video. In the end, though, it was all worth it.


You may differentiate yourself from other resin artists by going live or producing videos frequently; doing so will greatly increase audience interaction and trust, ultimately leading to more sales.


Don't stress so much about creating a flawless online persona; your audience won't expect you to match the production values of already popular influencers. Since nobody anticipates your hobby room to be nice and tidy, you can feel free to enjoy the disorder that may occur there. Rather than memorizing scripted responses or coming across as robotic, try treating the camera as if it were your best friend and talking casually about your work.


Remember that the more time you spend producing films, the better you'll get; the less time you spend, the worse they'll be.



Sixth-: Sponsor fun competitions with amazing rewards


Consider holding contests and offering prizes like your unsold epoxy resin sculptures or discounts on certain items to show your appreciation for current customers and attract new ones.


You shouldn't overdo it, and you may skip doing them regularly if you choose. If you're just starting out on social media or in the resin business, little giveaways may be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door. If you don't have anything to give away, contact the firms you already work with to see if they'd be willing to send you something. Many businesses will likely be happy to help you out if you just ask, especially if you highlight the goodwill they'll gain from the present in the form of exposure.


Better still, you could provide someone in need with a one-hour online tutorial on effectively using resin. As long as they provide their documents in advance, you may do this for free through Zoom or in person if they can travel to you.


Think creatively, and use your brain.



Seventh-: Check your development


We get how nerve-wracking it may be to share your work on social media for the first time. Making a wall out of spaghetti is like attempting to make a bridge out of tacks. You just blurt forth. Anything comes to you whenever and however you like. That's fantastic; you're obviously still learning and have a long way to go before you can call yourself a social media marketing genius.


After a few months of social media publishing, you should start tracking your audience's reactions to your content to learn what they like most.


Find out whether there is a correlation between the response to your post (the number of likes and comments) and the sales of the associated product during the week.


Some time may pass before patterns become apparent. Some of your projects will do better than others, and some of your articles will be more well-received than others. And some of your followers will engage with your updates more often than others. These are your super fans, and they would be thrilled to hear from you.


When you feel like it's the best time to create new content, go ahead and do it! Another option is to use scheduling software like


Finding out what kind of content your intended readers prefer can help you focus your efforts and make your content more likely to be seen.


When you put in the effort now to monitor your content's performance. You won't have to worry about wasting time on content that doesn't do well in the future. More time and effort may be saved. If you start doing this early in your career instead of forcing yourself to remember to do it later.

The Topic of Discussion This Week:


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This blog was created to provide information you may include in your various social media platforms.


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