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A Journey with Craft Resin: Gabby's Story

A Journey with Craft Resin: Gabby's Story


At Craft Resin, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our users. One of our most passionate advocates, Gabby from Maise Designs Dice, has an inspiring story that highlights her journey with resin, her transition to Craft Resin, and the exceptional results she has achieved. Gabby’s experience showcases the versatility and reliability of Craft Resin, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned artisans.



Gabby's Background

Gabby, the creative force behind Maise Designs Dice, has been working with resin for over 15 years. Her journey with resin began in the early 2000s when she was deeply involved in the cosplay scene. As a costume designer, Gabby worked with some of the biggest names in cosplay, including Jessica Nigri. Her talent and dedication were evident in the stunning costumes she created, which were showcased at conventions worldwide.

Gabby holding a custom resin die in her workshop

However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a sudden halt to the convention scene, and Gabby had to pivot to continue her creative endeavors and support her family. Her long-standing passion for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) and a personal love for dice led her to start making custom dice. This transition marked the birth of Maise Designs Dice, a brand dedicated to creating unique, high-quality dice for fellow TTRPG enthusiasts.

The Search for the Perfect Resin

Initially, Gabby experimented with various resin brands, but none met her high standards. The resins she used had several issues, including insufficient working time, rapid setup, and a lack of support from manufacturers. Gabby needed a resin that was versatile enough for her delicate techniques and provided a honey-thick texture for suspensions after 45 minutes.

It was during this quest for the perfect resin that a friend introduced her to Craft Resin. From her very first pour, Gabby knew she had found what she was looking for. Craft Resin offered the thin consistency she needed for intricate designs and the ideal thick texture for suspensions. The excellent customer support and the resin’s reliability cemented Gabby’s decision to stick with Craft Resin.

Creating with Craft Resin

With Craft Resin, Gabby was able to elevate her craft to new heights. The resin’s UV stability, crystal-clear finish, and ease of use allowed her to create stunning dice that captivated her audience. Gabby’s dedication to safety, always emphasizing the importance of PPE, ensured she could continue her work safely and effectively.

Orange and green custom dice created by Gabby with Craft Resin

Gabby’s love for Craft Resin was evident in her enthusiastic promotions. Her passion and the quality of her work did not go unnoticed, leading to a dream collaboration as a Craft Resin ambassador. This partnership was a significant milestone in Gabby’s career, allowing her to share her positive experiences with a wider audience.

Impact and Inspiration

Gabby’s journey with Craft Resin is a testament to the resin’s quality and versatility. Her transition from cosplay to dice making and her subsequent success highlight the transformative power of finding the right materials. Gabby’s story inspires other crafters to explore their creativity and trust Craft Resin for their projects.

Follow Gabby's Work

Custom dice created by Gabby using Craft Resin

For more insights into Gabby’s creative process and to see her stunning dice, follow her on Instagram at Maise Designs Dice. Additionally, check out her informative videos on YouTube, where she shares tips and tutorials on working with Craft Resin:


Gabby’s experience with Craft Resin is a powerful reminder of the importance of using high-quality materials. Her journey from cosplay to dice making, supported by Craft Resin, exemplifies how the right products can unlock new creative possibilities. We are proud to have Gabby as part of the Craft Resin family and look forward to seeing more of her incredible work.


1. What makes Craft Resin ideal for resin projects?

Craft Resin offers UV stability, a crystal-clear finish, and a reliable consistency, making it perfect for a variety of resin projects including floral preservation and river tables.

2. How did Gabby transition from cosplay to making custom dice?

Gabby's passion for tabletop role-playing games and a personal love for dice led her to start making custom dice during the COVID-19 pandemic, marking the birth of Maise Designs Dice.

3. What are the benefits of using Deep Pour Epoxy Resin?

Deep Pour Epoxy Resin allows for thicker pours, is ideal for large projects like river tables, and provides a crystal-clear finish that enhances the beauty of the embedded objects.

4. Why is PPE important when working with resin?

PPE is crucial for safety when working with resin to avoid exposure to harmful fumes and to protect the skin from direct contact with the resin chemicals.

5. How can I see Gabby's resin art and get inspired?

You can follow Gabby on Instagram at Maise Designs Dice and watch her tutorials on YouTube to see her stunning resin art and get inspired for your own projects.

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