Improving The Referral Program - Updates & Changes:

Improving The Referral Program - Updates & Changes:

We've been running our Referral program for a while now, offering Resin Artists that use and love our brand, the chance to earn commissions from sharing our brand through their own personalised links. The Referral program has enabled artists to earn additional income through the referrals they share with their friends and audience.


The referral program isn't going anywhere, but it is getting BETTER!



That's right, we've found a new system in which to run the referral program through that makes it easier to use and also potentially more beneficial for our referrers too!


There are three main benefits to the new system that we'll go through with you below:


1 - You only need one link!


Yes we hear you scream! Thats is right, this system allows us to link all of our Shopify websites together, so you only need to create one link, and then anyone from the UK, EU and US (more countries will be added soon!) can shop through your link.


When you set up an account you get a link and a code, so you can choose to use either, both are linked to you and both are linked to all markets, so people can shop through your link/code from the UK, EU and US.


This is going to take all the confusion out of what link to send to who, and will make mistakes and incorrect links being sent a thing of the past. You can share one link in your bio, stories, posts and all will work and be linked personally to you.


You'll also be able to personalise your codes, so you can align the code to your name or brand if you so wish.


2 - You'll get paid more often!


On the old system you would get paid at the end of each month, if you set up and shared your links at the start of the month you'd have to wait all month before you saw a return on the effort you were putting into sharing your links. But now the payments will be more regular and we are looking at setting them up weekly.


This has yet to be confirmed and so has the day of the week, but once we have this all set up we will share the updates with you all.


The amount you earn is changing slightly, on the new system you will earn a 10% commission (more is available which is explained below in point 3). Which means we can also offer your audience more discount on their orders, so they will also save 10% every time they shop through your link. We believe this will encourage not only the good feelings of sharing your link making the commission and savings more equal, but then mean that your customers will be more tempted to purchase through your links too.


There are three potential levels to earning, read on to find out more about the levels.



3 - You can earn more by inviting partners!


There is still a chance for you to earn up to 15%, and this is by inviting partners to set up and use their own links. Let us explain this in more depth:


Say for example you set up your referral link, you share your link with someone new to resin and they buy, you then get 10% commission from their order. If you also share your partner link with other resin artists, who then share their links with people who are new to resin, they buy, they get 10% commission, but you also then get an extra 3% commission from that sale as a thank you for introducing them to our brand. Say that they then share their partner link with another resin artist, they share their referral link with someone new to resin who buys, you then get 2% from that order too.


The partners you introduce can also then utilise this option and add their own partners, so everyone has a chance to earn that little bit more through sharing Craft Resin.


If the above is slightly confusing then take a look at the graphic below which will hopefully make more sense:



This new system is being integrated behind the scenes as we speak, but isn't quite ready yet. Once it is we will update you all and share with you how you can join it and make the switch!


Team Craft Resin

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