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How To Unleash Your Creativity When You Feel Blocked

How To Unleash Your Creativity When You Feel Blocked

Working in the creative space, using epoxy resin for crafting or owning your own resin business can be wonderful, until the time comes when you start to feel your creativity disappearing - Also known as having a creative block️.


If this happens to you fear not, a block is just a block, it's a temporary feeling that will pass in time. It does not mean that you are no longer meant to be creating or that you're rubbish at what you do, ignore all thoughts like this that may enter your mind at this time. Instead, read these tips below and get back to creating when you've unleashed your creativity again...

1 - One of the fastest ways to lose your creative mojo is to stop creating!

When you do create using clear epoxy resin and you're in the flow, ideas come out of nowhere. When you put your creative tools down, sometimes your ideas stop flowing with them. So dust off your resin supplies, get back in your creative space and get pouring.


2 - Look back through your past creations and start making some of these projects again.

Sometimes you'll find that you can inspire yourself again through your past work. If you've been creating for a long time, you'll have lots of projects on your own social media accounts that you've probably long forgotten about. Scroll back in time on your own profiles and find some of your past projects that made you smile and recreate these.

3 - Spend an afternoon/evening looking through other artists social media platforms.

Seeing other peoples creations can be a huge inspiration to you and spark your own creativity to start back up again. Its not copying in the art world to create a project similar to another artist, with resin you'll never be able to create an exact replica to someone else's work (even your own work for that matter!), so try some other artists ideas and put your own spin on them using different colours, additives or molds.


Or look through feeds like ours that share lots of different artists work, you'll find lots of inspiration in one place:


Craft Resin Instagram


4 - Become a student again.

There are so many artists out there who are resin instructors, showcasing through online or in person lessons how to create resin projects or techniques. Maybe you just need to go back to "school" to spark your passion in this creative space again.

One of the artists we've started working with has her own online resin classes. You can join these through the link below:

Cathii LaPierre Art Classes


5 - Learn new skills through online tutorials.

If you can't find an instructor close to you, head to your computer/phone and google online resin tutorials. You will be amazed how many online, free short instructional videos there are available out there. We also have a wide variety on our YouTube channel, and we add tutorials to this channel weekly. So there's always something on there that will inspire you and get your creativity flowing again.


Craft Resin YouTube Tutorials


6 - Create/join an artist community.

When you work alone as an artist you can feel very isolated. Feeling like this can sometimes be the reason you'll feel blocked sometimes. This is where being a part of an online or in person resin community can really help. Being a part of a group of people who share their projects, tips, techniques with you and also resonate with your resin struggles, helps you to be inspired and helps your creativity to flow. If you ever have a moment where you don't know what to create next, you can simply ask this trusted group and they will give you so many ideas.

We have a Facebook Community Group available that anyone can join, so why not try this group:

Craft Resin Facebook Community Group


7 - Take a well earned break.

Sometimes your creativity might have dried up because you've actually been working too hard! You might just need to step away from your creative space and factor in some distractions. Go for regular walks in nature if you can, visit a new place, a gallery, a coffee shop etc, you never know what inspiration you'll find out and about.

8 - Create a mood board.

Gather some magazines you love, print off some images from your computer and place them on a board in whatever order comes to mind in the moment. Don't overthink it, don't judge your choices, just flick through the images and when one jumps out at you place it on your board. You'll gather different colours, visual cues, feelings, emotions, all of which can help you unleash your creativity again. Once you have your mood board together, take a step back and just look at it. Look at it till ideas and inspiration hits then get creating again.


9 - Listen to your favorite song/playlist and dance around your house/workspace!

Yes you might feel like a complete plonka dancing around your space, maybe even signing your head off while you do. But sometimes a blockage is simply just stuck energy, you want to move this energy through your body to release it, and then releasing your creative block. You might feel silly doing it, but it is super fun! and if nothing else it might just put a smile back on your face again.

10 - Ask your audience.

Use your social media to help get your creativity flowing again while also helping drive your online engagement. Creates some polls on your stories and ask people, what would they like to see you create next? What colours would they like you to use? What additions would they like you to put in your project? Getting their responses will give you lots of ideas of what to create next.

We hope these help you to get that creativity fired up again!


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