How To Grow Your Following On Social Media To Drive More Sales In Your Epoxy Resin Business:

How To Grow Your Following On Social Media To Drive More Sales In Your Epoxy Resin Business:

We hate to break it to you, but having a social media account, and posting your resin creations a couple of times a week won’t grow your social media account these days.


But that being said there are some really simple and easy steps that you can take to grow your social media, and grow it in a way that can increase your sales to!


Not by magic, but by following a simple strategy. Don’t be scared by that word, strategy simply means a plan of action. Having a plan of action means that you know what to do, instead of blindly posting and hoping something works.


So how do we do this? 


1 - Get clear on who your target audience is - Your ideal customer!


Create an avatar of your ideal customer, who are they, male/female, age, where do they live, what do they like, how much do they earn (and therefore have to spend), what are their spending habits, how do they like to shop, what are some of their struggles. 


When you spend a little bit of time and identify all of the above you then know who you are creating your content for. You know where to find these people, what #s they follow, where they are in the world, their location and what items of yours they would buy and why they would.


You also know what their struggles are so you can then help solve these. Maybe they struggle with finding the exact colour items to decorate their home with (If only you knew someone who could create their exact colour homewares for them!). 


Maybe they struggle getting personalised gifts for their friends at special occasions (if only you knew someone who could create these for them!). 


Maybe they struggle to leave the house to go shopping because they are juggling being a mum and family life, maybe they need a special gift they can get online delivered straight to their doors with minimal hassle (if only you knew someone who could offer this service for them!).


Maybe they struggle with being insecure, having low confidence (what if your resin statement earrings could make them feel more confident, empowered, ready to take on the world when they wear them!).


You get my point.


Once you know your ideal customer you then know how to talk to them to solve all their problems, and who are they going to choose when they need something in their life that helps with their struggles, YOU!


People might pick an item because it’s beautiful, on a whim, but you’re more likely to sell to people who feel a connection to you, what you’re offering that could help them in their lives. When you turn your feed around from selling to serving peoples needs, magic happens.


Never underestimate what you have to offer people, get clear on it, and share what you have to offer the world and how it can help them, instead of posting pretty pictures and expecting your ideal customer to come to you and buy without serving their needs.


The other thing to point out at this stage is it’s very easy to think we just want to grow our followers so add every man and his dog to your feed - However, is what you are creating and selling really for every man and his dog, would they ever buy from you? Or are you wasting time creating content and talking to an audience who are not your ideal clients?


Don’t be afraid to niche down, don’t be afraid to grow slowly and not add every man and his dog. Having quality followers who are your ideal customer, who you can then serve and build connections and engagement with is far more powerful for turning into sales than adding everyone and hoping one person out of that list buys from you.



2 - Find your ideal customers:


Now you know who you are looking for, the type of people who will most probably buy and love your resin projects, you can go and find them and connect with them.


Social Media is a very big space, you can’t sit there and expect that the right people will automatically see your feed and come and view it. You have to search and make connections with your ideal clients yourself.


When we asked above where your ideal client lives, what came up? Search for them using that area, you can search in Instagram from location very easily. Can you ship worldwide? If not, then why are you following and connecting with people the other side of the world? If you do ship further afield, great go for it, connect with people further away. If you can only ship in the UK, only connect and search for people in the UK. 


People outside of your demographic may add and start following you, that’s ok, but still limit your time connecting with them if this is the case. You could spend hours talking to the wrong people who are never even going to be able to buy from you.


If your ideal clients have any hobbies, or likes, what #s align with those? Searching for people via #s can be very rewarding, you can then connect and follow your ideal customers that you find via #s. 


For example, if you sell resin jewellery, a good place to find your ideal client might be #jewelleryaddict or #ilovejewellery. Spend time searching #s, then write down when you find ones that align with your ideal customer, and come back to these often to find any new people you could connect with.


If your a resin brand that creates homeware, maybe search for #renovatingourhouse, or #newhome or #firsthouse etc. People who are renovating, in a new house or buying their first home might need items for their home that match the style and vision they want to create. 


It’s hard to find exactly what you want in shops, but when you can get bespoke resin creations that will fit your exact vision for your home, how cool is that!



3 - Connect with your ideal customers:


Once you have found them you are going to need to connect with them, a follow just won’t cut it. Social media is a busy place, people follow people and disappear into the followers abyss all the time, you don’t want to disappear, you want to end up on their radar.


So yes follow them, look at their feed, are there any posts they have that you could thoughtfully comment on? Have they created any stories that you could send them a heart to, or a comment to?


For example, if they are renovating their house, they might have a few stories showing a wall being knocked down, then cleaning up, then tidying up and decorating the hole, ta-dah! You could comment something like, “wow, what a transformation, that really opens up the room and lets all the light in! Great job. How long did it take? Hope it wasn’t too stressful 😃”.


This will open up a conversation with them that could lead to them following your feed, seeing what you create and then maybe one day purchasing your resin items for their homes.


You won’t be able to message them once and this will lead to a sale, you need to connect with them regularly. The general rule is someone needs between 8-10 exposures before they will make a purchase, but exposures can be they see a message from you, they see a post of yours, they like a story you have shown de-molding etc. These exposures can add up pretty quickly if you are connecting with them regularly.


Add them to a names list and check in on their feed every couple of days, like their posts, comment on their posts, drop them a message to check in on how their renovation is going out of the blue. Give them the personal touch, be genuine and ask them questions, get to know them. 


They might even say one day that they’re looking for something to go in a certain room but they can’t find anything, this is where you can then drop in “I could make you something that would fit in really well, would you be open to discussing it with me and I can share some ideas with you?”.


If you are talking to the right people, who have a need for your items, who have the budget for them, who now know you exist and how you could help solve their issues, you can see how this all starts to come together to drive your business forward organically.


Connecting with your ideal customers doesn’t have to be all about your messages and comments to them either, connecting also comes in the form of the content you create for your feed. Your content can talk to your ideal clients as well, and this will be running in the background almost subconsciously talking to them. 



Knowing your ideal customer actually helps you to build up ideas of what to post. Although with resin you may want your feed to be made up with your resin creations, therefore making images quite easy, what about the text you are putting with them. This could be the perfect opportunity to speak to your ideal customers.


For example, with a beautiful resin statement earring set, you might want to post:


How would wearing these power earrings make you feel?

✨ Unstoppable

✨ Powerful

✨ Ready for anything

✨ Confident

Click the link in my bio to purchase these bespoke earrings and start feeling like the woman you were always meant to be!


Now when you compare that to:


Beautiful resin earrings for sale, message me for prices.


Which one do you prefer? Which one would more likely make your ideal customer buy the earrings? 


You created a feeling, you told them that this would fill their needs, this would help with a problem they have. That's powerful, and not many other people are doing it either, so this makes you stand out against your competition.


You can easily create your posts ahead of time, to speak to your target audience. Scheduling tools like really help do this, so then you can get back to doing what you love most, getting creative with your resin projects!


Taking time out of your schedule to think about your target audience may seem like a waste of your precious time, but when you can talk to the people who will actually buy your items, in a way that will make them want your items, then it can change the game massively for your business. And could actually save time later on, because you will be clear on who to speak to, how to speak to them and what content you can create that will serve them.


A confused mind says no, a clear mind says yes - You want your followers to look at your feed and think: 


I want to buy that resin project, I need it in my life, it will help me and make my life better!


You have the power to give people that feeling. So what are you waiting for, how are your resin creations going to help people and how can you share that on your social media channels?


Team Craft Resin

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