How To Check If Anyone Has Shopped For Craft Resin Through Your Referral Link?

How To Check If Anyone Has Shopped For Craft Resin Through Your Referral Link?

So you've set up your referral link and you've started sharing your link to your audience, weather that's in person or online through your Social Media channels.


But then how do you check if anyone has bought any Craft Resin products through your links and how can you check if you have any commissions on their way?


Thats easy, let us show you how...


Head back to the Referral Page on our website, make sure you're on the website under the country you originally signed up on, if you haven't done all three. Then enter your details as you did when you signed up:


Referral page UK

Referral page US

Referral page EU



This will then take you through to the page with your personalised link on:



When you click Your Rewards on this page, you should be able to then see the rewards (payments you have, if anyone has purchased through your link):


If you don't see the page above when you click Your Rewards, then it's probably because it's your first time going into your rewards and you may need to verify your email first. You will know if this is the case as prompts will pop up:



If the email verification does pop up please view your email inbox (and check your junk/spam folders if you can't see it in your inbox) and follow the steps in the email. The email will be from Referral Candy, not Craft Resin. You will only need to do this step once. Then everytime you want to check your rewards, all you will need to do is the top two steps.


You should also receive an email at the end of each month from Referral Candy which shares the payments they will soon be making. If you don't receive these emails then it might be because no one has purchased through your link and therefore no payments will be made. The more you share your link, in the more places the more chance you have at earning rewards. Visit our guide on where to share your links for some ideas of how to do this:


Where to share your links.


If you have any problems checking your rewards, please send us a message via the contact us form on the website and our team will do their best to help you out.


Team Craft Resin

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