Glittering Geodes

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Alison Camacho is a self taught artist, originally a physicist and then a teacher of science for many years.

Alison is a resin artist based in Bristol UK and owns the fuzzycomma art brand and website.



Teaching is Alison's passion and along with teaching resin art courses she now has the opportunity to make the world a better place one artwork at a time, whether its creating beautiful upcycled side tables, or an entry to an art competition to benefit endangered species.


Alison works in my rainbow coloured garden shed and she try's to be as eco-friendly as possible. She feels strongly about protecting our environment, equality and education.


Alison specialises in geode and astronomy resin art although she is often tempted into creating art which attempts to help save the planet. Alison is passionate about preserving our world for future generations and so she likes to reuse resources that would otherwise get thrown away, and she hates waste.


In line with this philosophy, Alison also up-cycles furniture - particularly small tables, often using a geode or astronomy theme (sometimes both at once) and, of course, resin! A defining feature of Alison's art, and of my life, is her love of colour.

Alison is constantly refining her art and learning new techniques which she aims to pass onto her students. Alison has nearly 20 years experience of teaching in senior school and she still tutors regularly.



In this Glittering Geodes Course Alison shows you how to make beautiful and on trend artworks to proudly display in your own homes.


How to create Glittering Geodes to gift to family and friends. And even how to create beautiful Geode art to sell and start a resin art business.

Take a look at Alison's course, and all the other Craft Resin Courses through the link below:
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