Alex Kazabakas Resin Artist @AlexTheAlchemyst

Alex Kazabakas Resin Artist @AlexTheAlchemyst

Hi my names Alex and I have a small business called @AlexTheAlchemyst.


For the last few years, I was struggling to find my direction in life, what I wanted to do. Nothing really resonated, and lit that passion inside me. I actually was introduced to the world of resin by a friend of mine, who had been doing resin for a while, and I thought, I’ll give it go to, and they encouraged me to start.



My very first experience with resin, I remember it so vividly. I had got my first starter kit of resin, and had no clue what I was doing. I literally poured in both the resin and hardener, and mixed, then waited 24 hours, and it came out completely wrong. The mistake was, I was using Craft Resin and I had measured by weight, instead of equal measurements by volume. 


I continued working on it, and building my passion, through the diversity of resin. Once I realised I could make anything, it really spurred me on to keep creating unique pieces, and then put them on my shop to sell.



At the moment I’m really loving creating pyramids, from mini little ones, to giant ones, weighing in at 2lbs. I recently made a custom one for a client which was really rewarding when they received it and told me how much they liked what I'd created for them.


When I turned the hobby into a resin business, it was a really natural occurrence. Slowly and over time, not rushing into doing anything too quickly, finding out all the things I needed to know, when setting up online. I didn’t really plan anything out, it was very ad-hock a lot of the time. And because of that, I found the freedom to do what I wanted, in terms of moving things forward, without those constraints. 



Along my resin journey and with my resin business, I found there were a few problems to be solved. It was very daunting in-fact. I was thinking, about the things I needed to do first, and then planning out, how to achieve that, then moving onto the next thing. One of the first things I thought about was, where do I sell online. So the solution to that, was to do some research into the different avenues that there were available.


We are so lucky these days to have access to so much information and learning, and so if you have things you don't understand, questions you have along your resin journeys, then simply research and find out how to solve them, its all out there for you.


Finding resin has been an amazing journey so far and I'm so glad I did come across it. It has given more confidence, and the thought that actually if you focus your mind, you can achieve what you set out to do. I’m always excited for what the day brings for the business. One thing I’m most excited for the future now is working with people/companies, collaborating and getting those creative juices flowing together.



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